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    hello everyone. just got on here last night. a guy from the wildlife told me about this site and said this will be the site to be on to find out about the cats and where to find them. i'm from winston-salem n.c., well right out side of it. belewscreek if you have heard of it. i would like to know some stuff about highrock and badin and where to go on the lakes. i hope to make some new friends and new fishing buddys on here. hope to talk to yall soon
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    Welcome to the BOC Matt! I live in Lexington and fish High Rock alot and Badin once or twice a month, Some of my best places I found on High Rock to produce big Flats are the Abbotts creek and Yadkin areas of the lake! You can find those areas on a lake map or just google map high rock lake and look over it...As for Badin thats a great lake for Blues, I put in at Boat Cove and leave from there. There are alot of big rocks and parts of Badin that are very deep one spot in particular that I fish is around 50ft or so depending on water level. You can easily axcess high Rock and get to any area with the NC HWY8 wildlife axcess. Its basically on the main body of water. Although right now the bites are slow being as they are on the spawn but they will be off shortly and it will pick back up. Hope this info helps you out. Good Luck and tight lines!


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    North Caro
    Matt, Welcome to the BOC. I'm from the south side of Winston. I fish Abbott's Creek a bunch too. Usually the fishing down there is good. I've found it to be slow this year. Last year I fished York Hill Landing at the Yadkin end of High Rock. That's where my avatar fish came from. Haven't fished it at all this year with all the rain we had early on I'm sure there has been a lot of junk in the water. York Hill is always loaded with debris. I have to be well supplied with shear pins for my little merc to fish there. It does produce good cats year round however, and is worth checking out. Tight lines.
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    Hi Matt! Welcome to the Brotherhood of Catfishermen family. We're glad to have you! :cool2:

    We're having a NC gathering on Badin Lake in October; click on the link in my signature for info. Hope to see you there!