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Being overwhelm with life

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Have any of you ever get so overwhelm with life and all it's trials? Ever get to a point where you just want to walk away and say the hell with it? Well today is one of those days, What ever happen to the day of our youth where just finding gas money was the only real problem we had. I was looking at some of my childhood friends pictures on face book and it brought back all the great times we had, It also reminded me on how trivial our problems were back then, What I would do to just to live one of those days over again, I can think of one in particular, it stands out clear as a bell today as if it happen just a few hours ago Fishing on the Delaware river one crisp, clear June morning having everything falling into place, only to be followed by my arrival at home to see my (absent) father there waiting for me to go on vacation, This was a dream to come true, You see my father left us when I was three, ( he wanted to get to know me and me him) Yes this day still lives in my dreams and is called upon every-time life gets me down. With work , bills, never finding enough money at the end of the month, and just not having enough energy to hook up the boat to go fishing depression takes over. It feels no matter how much I work and make it makes no difference, We are on a five year plan to clear out all our debts, we only have four years left, once we get clear of debt I can retire at the age of 59. The thought of this just makes the time left go longer, Like the last few hours of the day, When it all comes to a end maybe new dreams will be made. Maybe another perfect crisp June day will happen when my children, children will ask me to spend time and get to know how my life's adventure turned out.
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