Beginner's Basic Baits

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    these are some recipies for a beginning channel cat fisherman.

    Recipe 1: peel and grate severel small potatoes (are one large one). Add two table spoons of cornmeal, a half a teaspoon of salt, and enough flour and egg white (or cornstarch) to make a stiff batter. Break into peices about an inch in diameter. Then cook in boiling water till they float. Let dry on absorbent paper. Then store in a plastic bag.
    Note: If your a fisherman looking for carp you can sweeten it with syrup, sugar, molasses,etc.

    Recipe 2: Mix one torned piece of giant bread to 1 cup of oatmeal, 1 cup of cereal, and 1 cup of sugar. Then mix water to make stiff paste (if too stiff add more water, if it needs to be stiffer add more bread or oatmeal. pinch it into chunks and store in a plastic bag till needed.

    Recipe3: mix 1 cup flour, 1/2 cup of shreded cheese and tiny pieces of ranid hamburger meat into a ball. Pinch off pieces as needed.

    Good luck fishing, and remember to practice CPR ( catch, picture, release) to the big ones so they will be more big fish to catch!:big_smile: