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Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by keithbc, May 7, 2009.

  1. keithbc

    keithbc New Member

    I'm very new to this and have done research on this site but I've gotten the idea that alot of the info I've seen concerns larger catfish. I'm looking to catch some smalling eating size fish and want to know several things.
    I'll be doing most of my fishing from shore in the river and in lakes.
    1. What's a good rod and reel? Should it be medium-heave or just medium for smaller fish? Also how long 6 or 7 feet?
    2. Hock sizes for the smaller eating size fish?
    3. What type of hook? Kayle, circles, etc?
    Thanks alot.
  2. tat_n_trapper

    tat_n_trapper New Member

    when I am out for eaters I use a medium action rod ($7 at wal-mart) with a $10 reel from K-mart and cheap 10 pound test line. I use kahle 1/0 hooks and 1/2 oz slip sinker.

  3. Rohaus

    Rohaus Well-Known Member

    Vilonia Ar
    STEVE Black
    The Zebco combos (33's, 733's) would be a good choice for eating size cats, but if you think you might try the bigger fish you want a good quality bait caster or spinning real, IMO.
  4. cathog

    cathog New Member

    Lone Oak Texas
    1. Most of your regular bass tackle will suffice for eating size catfish. We even use ultralights to liven things up when catching eaters.
    2. I like to use a #4 treble hook for the eaters, you can catch bigger and smaller fish on this hook. Only drawback is unhooking fish.
    3. I like a treble, but j hooks, kahles, circles all work. I like the trebles because a lot of smaller cats like to tap,tap,tap before taking the bait and I think I get a higher hookup ratio with trebles on the smaller fish.
  5. Mickey

    Mickey New Member Supporting Member

    Keith Welcome to the BOC, from So. Illinois. I would suggest you start with a zebco 808 and aUgly Stick medium action 7 ft rod. Use a 3/0-5/0 kahle hook, for cut or live bait. I would also suggest you use a looper rig if fishing with dip bait. I would also suggest you try the Secret 7 Dip Bait. The looper rigs and dip bait can be found on this site in the sponsors section. Good fishing.
  6. Dirtdobber

    Dirtdobber Guest Staff Member

    Vian Okla
    If there are bigger cat where you fish, it best to use heavyer tackle. You never know when you may hook a big one. JMO
  7. iluvnevaeh

    iluvnevaeh New Member

    Welcome to the BOC and id suggest just going to wal-mart and buying one of their cheaper combos for eaters and pick up some doughbait, maybe some charlies shad blood or some night crawlers. They have a Zebco Hawg Seeker combo for like 40$ and thats got 20# line on it. treble hooks with doughbait have always worked for me when trying to catch eater sized channel. good luck!!
  8. Jacksmooth

    Jacksmooth Member

    West Virginia
    1.Medium or MH doesnt matter if your just out to eat some fish. Unless there are some nice cats where you are fishing. Then I would go with MH rod. The zebco 33s and the 808s and Hawgseekers are good reels at a decent price. I like a 6ft rod for bank fishing because of the trees where I fish alot.
    2.and 3.Any J hook or Kahle from a 2/0 to a 6/0 will work. Circles I use are 4/0 to 7/0 for channels. You'd be surprised at what a 1lb channel can get in it's mouth. I have never used trebles that I can remember but would think they would work well.

    Hope this helps some. Good luck!
  9. JimmyJonny

    JimmyJonny Well-Known Member

    I honestly would spent the $30 ( if you can ) on a 7' m/h ugly stick cat rod or another rod similar. This way you wont be limited to small cats only and you can still use a good size sinker to cast far if needed. All channel cats fight hard, harder than any other cat pound for pound..big and small. They will all bend theses rods easily. Then if a big boy does show up you have a better shot at landing him.

    If you have any bass rod already I would use that for small cats but if I was gonna spend money I would go with the above rod...more bang for your buck ; )

  10. brinley45cal

    brinley45cal Active Member

    First off welcome to the best catfishing site there is.Theres been some good advice already,a zebco 33 or 808 would even be better,or you could go with a good cheaper baitcasting reel like the shakspere tidewater 30L.Id go with a medium action rod.As for as hooksif i were using circles id go with 2/0 or 3/0, with the kahles id go 2/0 unless i were using cut bait then you might want to go bigger,and even if its eater size i reccomend 20# test line just in case a bigger one decides to stop by for a visit.good luck to you brother let us know what you come up with.


    If I was just starting out I,d go with one of the more reasonable catfish combos fron walmart or K-mart.They,ll get you going & then you can decide where you wanna go from there.WELCOME to the BOC Keith and good luck.:eek:oooh:
  12. bownero

    bownero Well-Known Member

    Hastings, Ne.
    I guess repeat what was said in the earlier posts and suggest any type of light to medium action type of spinning or casting rod matched to a good spinning or baitcaster. Now for just eating size cats, any closed faced reel, like Zebco 33 or 808, 888 would be great. You'll never know when the big cat is lurking around and looking for a treat, so never go under-gunned on fishing equipment. Catfishing in my book "isn't childs-play"!! Be prepared!!
  13. 40oz

    40oz New Member

    Gun Barrel Tx
    1\0 or 2\0 baitholder or kahle hooks
  14. Bullheaded

    Bullheaded Member

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    if you go with lighter tackle be sure to get a reel with a good drag. that away if you hook a nice one he can run on ya. always sucks even if you are after eaters to have a nice one get away in my opinion.
  15. CatHunterSteve

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    Everytime I bye something other than an Ugly Stick I always land up breaking the top eyelet off somehow.....Ugly Sticks are hard to beat and the MH Catfish is a very good one for around $30!