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    Well, folks, I don't know about y'all but until tonight I had never experienced in-your-face prejudice before. One of my coworkers (I work at a movie theater) and I were talking and she mentioned how much she enjoyed Cirque du Sole, that circus where they do all kinds of crazy acrobatic stuff. I said how much Lynyrd Skynyrd's music pumped me up. Then ignorance swept down outta the blue and hit me right square in the chest. She spouted off about how racist Lynyrd Skynyrd is. Dumbfounded, I asked her to give me one racist lyric from their music. She said "Well hello? Confederate Flag! Anyone who supports the Confederacy is racist!"

    Now I'm not trying to get any flame wars going here, this post isn't about the Confederate Flag or racism or Lynyrd Skynyrd. I do support much of the Confederate cause from the 19th century, but in no way does that mean I supports racism or slavery. I have pride in my ancestors who fought and died for their state, their homeland, their beliefs. What this post is about it prejudice. Personally, I'd never been exposed to it until tonight. I was judged solely for who I am, what I believe in, and what kind of music I like! It hit me pretty hard and got me down. How could someone be so ignorant?
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    Hey Buddy! My Advise to you is too take it with a grain of salt. I found out along time ago that some folks are well very opinionated to say the least. You have made it clear that the slavery issue is something you don't believe in so I would say just turn and walk away. I realize it's kinda like a slap in the face but sometimes we just gotta bite the bullet and say God Bless you too and just walk away!JMHO:smile2:

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    I believe that many people just go around looking for something to complain about.
  4. Dave L

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    Tell your co worker to take a good look around, the war is over and has been.
    I'm sorry if I offend you or others, but that flag means nothing. The only flag that means anything these days is the stars and stripes. You know the one that flys at our nations capital.
    So how can she accuse you of racism?
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    Hi John! I've been a huge fan of Lynyrd Skynyrd since the mid 1970's. I don't support slavery and neither does Skynyrd. This girl has issues! Don't let her ruin your day! Keep on rockin' brother!:cool2:
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    Sounds like someone didn't pay attention during history class. The big issue was states rights, the rights of states to make their own laws & decisions, not just slavery. We have states rights in America because of it. That's why it is legal for me to carry a gun here while it is not in New York or Mass. A flag without a government or authority behind it is just a piece of cloth. Anyone who is offended by the Stars & Bars needs to research our founding fathers, most of whom were slave holders at one time. If not for people standing up for what they believe in, our capitol would have a British Union Jack flying over it. The war is over and we all know how it turned out. We've all learned from it and moved on. However, as a wise man once said, "Those who forget history, are condemned to repeat it."
  7. rednecksportsman511

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    Birmingham, AL
    Thanks for the support y'all. I just don't see how she can associate Lynyrd Skynyrd with racism if she's listened to them-oh wait, it's called ignorance. I could go on and on and ON about why people fly the Confederate Flag, why the South seceded, and why the war was fought, but I digress. Willie you're 100% right there, I could go on for hours about the history and causes of the Civil War. It just blew me away to see someone be so ignorant to my face.
  8. FS Driver

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    sounds like an uniformed person spouting off nonsense
    either show her how you feel or ignore her , but dont let her get you down.
    SKYNARD ROCKS, and the confederate flag is a scapegoat for people to hop on when they havent anything substantial in which to base their
    irrational ideas on and this seems to always cause a big stink.
    like alan said people are always looking for stuff to complain about.

    the term RACIST is a contradiction in my opinion
    you can read this article , or the last 3 paragraphs that i am about to paste and think about the baffleing irony of seeing how we all think we are right and the other person isnt this goes into everything we do and say
    so much so that we dont even realize we are doing it.

    this is the copied bit i said i would post and it says how i feel about how people always think their way or the hiway.

    "Racism", therefore, is a term originating on the left, and has been so defined and loaded with meanings the left wants it to have that it cannot now be used by the supporters of white racial consciousness for any constructive purpose. Anyone who uses the term to describe himself or his own views has already allowed himself to be maneuvered onto his opponents' ground and has already lost the debate. He may try to define the word differently, but he will need to spend most of his time explaining that he does not mean by it what everyone else means. As a term useful for communicating ideas that the serious supporters of white racial consciousness wish to communicate, the term is useless, and it was intended by those who developed it that it be useless for that purpose.
    But understanding the origins of the word "racism" in Hirschfeld's polemic also makes clear the uselessness of the word for any other purpose. No one seems ever to have used the word to describe his own ideas or ideas with which he agrees; its only application has been by the enemies of the ideas it purports to describe, and hence it has no objective meaning apart from its polemical usage. If no one calls his own ideas "racism" and its only application is to a body of ideas considered to be untrue and evil, then it has no use other than as a kind of fancy curse word, the purpose of which is simply to demonize anyone who expresses the ideas it is supposed to describe.
    It is clear that Magnus Hirschfeld himself harbored deep ideological, professional, and personal animosities against those to whom he applied the word, and those animosities may have extended to the entire society that throughout his career he associated with sexual repression and which he wanted replaced by a kind of global communism under the label of "Pan-Humanism". Whatever the flaws or virtues of his polemic against "racism", his own opposition to racial consciousness was neither entirely rational nor disinterested. It is time that the enemies of racial, national, and cultural consciousness like Hirschfeld and the Frankfurt School cease to be able to claim a monopoly on rationality and sanity and that the obsessions and motivations that seem to shape their own ideologies and political behavior be subjected to the same scrutiny they apply to the societies and peoples whom their thinking could destroy.
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    I think she has listened to too much Neil Young myself.:lol:

    Throw this fact at her.
    New Jersey abolished slavery in 1804. The actual end to slavery in New Jersey was in 1865 after the Civil War.
    New Jersey fought in the Civil War under the American Flag as a slave owner state.

    She'll have to include the American flag in her statement to be accurate in her assumptions.
  10. oh no

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    On Memorial Day every year I wear a Confederate Flag T shirt that has old rebel on it. Any one who asks, I tell them I'm remembering all the war dead, not just some.

    And I live in Northern Indiana, people look at me like I'm nuts. lol lol
  11. Bobpaul

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    The rebel flag, Stars and Bars, is a part of our American history that some would like to erase.

    The Civil War was a major part of our history, and both flags were part of it. From what I understand, slavery wasn't the main or even close to the top of the list, issue that brought it on.

    Most people of this country are ignorant of the in depth history of the United States. The politicians have totally ignored it.
  12. guns sugar

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    My advice is to ignore accusations and ignorance... My nephews are in calif and they fly the confederate flag but they dont mean more of it than just a southern thang.... proud to be of southern heritage... God Bless ya brother!
  13. LiquidSteel

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    Sometimes people cant see the truth, cause they are wearing their butt for a hat and its pulled down over their eyes. Just take her words with a grain of salt, and wish her well and walk away. JMO

  14. Little Mac

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    Welcome to your awakening......LOL Now face it like a man, stand up for your beliefs, never cower down. Now, go get a history book an give it to that little gal as a present. :big_smile: Maybe a dictionary too......and if any of my spelling is off, well....... I went to school in a small town where everyone of us boys and some of the girls, had a rebel flag somewhere.. and I am sure we missed most of english class..............:roll_eyes: Mac
  15. zoelife

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    Usually the person who hollers racist,in actuality has racism in their heart.
    Peace and Plenty,
  16. plumbertom1

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    Eugene, Or.
    I don't see why this should have surprised you so much.
    Most prejudice is founded on ignorance of the facts.
    Some people just bite onto an idea and don't bother to find the truth about it.
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    It sounds like another accidental friction...everyone has a few hot buttons. And until you know someone a long time takes a while to understand. And maybe you won't. But you'll know about it. I'm not rational all the time and don't expect others to be either. Part of the interaction of learning someone.....I'm old enough to have seen racisim first hand. It was rampant at the utility company I retired from. I took a lot of harrasement for it, especially from the guys who had never been in the service; because I refused to participate. It's ugly and hurtful and leaves emotions unsettled. Feelings that hurt a lifetime. And sad part is don't see any signs of it being eliminated in our society, just transferred to other ethnic groups.
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    Welcome to the real world.Get use to it.She sounds like the racist.Me.I tell them so and ask them not to speak to me except in the line of work.I don;t care what color they are either.I am not going to waste my time or life like that.This is The USA.I will support your right to be a raciest as long as you don;t step on the rights of others.I am not going to waist my life or time supporting a raciest views.It is simply put"Beyond my comprehension."I love you brothers and sisters.peewee ps.never heard of Cirque du Sole or Lynyrd Skynyrd before.I know that there is flat saltwater fish called a Sole by some.I call them a Flounder.I have known a few Lennards and a couple of Skinnerds.Only one Lennard Skinnard,but no Lynyrd Skynyrd.I also new some Skinners.All Good folks!Usually when families change their name is because someone got caught Horse Stealing or such way back down the line.Might be why my last name is "Price-Williams."
  19. JAinSC

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    Thanks for sharing that. Kind of reverse descrimination, huh?

    I'm sorry that someone prejudged you and made you feel bad.

    The thing is, as white males (I'm one, too) we are pretty safe most of the time. I guess we should remember how bad that feels, and try that much harder to keep an open mind with others.
  20. Team StrayCats

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    Sounds like she needs to stay away from the crack pipe