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    i live in yuma and fish the river and area around here. been going out on river lately and been catching smaller channels (1-2 lbs). went out friday and went back into back water on az side below fisher lake. followed it down and decided i was done fishing so found opening to river. now they have been dredging all off this and average is 5-8ft deep the entrances at least. well, least i thought that. found a sand bar i hadn't found yet. (thought i'd found them all down here. :embarassed: took me about 1 1/2 hrs to get off it. wasn't worried and only thing i was mad about was i didn't think to throw out line and fish in that little 6ft channel as i was digging boat off that was open to run in there.
    after i do my run to ca and visit kids, gonna be a night spot for me to fish. seems like a perfect spot for flatties to go through at night when hunting food.
    only this time, will go onto sand bar cause i want to. :smile2: