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  1. kycatman01

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    chad(my friend) and i went fishing at the ohio river last week. we went a couple of times. we caught 4 flatheads, 5 channel cats, and 3 blues. the biggest being a 5 or 6 lb flathead. we were using kind of small bluegills(about 3 inches). in order to catch the big cats, should i use big bluegills? should they be cut or use live bait and what size?
  2. laidbck111

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    Most of the guys here like live bait for their flatheads. So live for them blues and channels will eat live bait also but I have had better luck with cut baits for them. Sounds like with the fish you are catching your doing something right congrats sounds like a nice bunch of fish.

  3. CatSkinner

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    Paducah, KY
    Those are some good eatin sized catfish. Sounds like a good trip to me.
  4. jason berry

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    I like to use large live bluegill for flats. you want to use the size bait for the size cat you are fishing for. but, with small bluegill you can still catch the big ones but you will catch alot of smaller ones also. the bigger bluegill stay alive longer also.