Beef Melt Vs. Chicken Liver

Discussion in 'Catfishing Baits' started by Catcaller, Oct 9, 2005.

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    Everybody knows that the old favorite chicken liver is an awesome bait for channel and blues. The problem with it is that it doesn't want to stay on the hook very well without being tied or otherwise wrapped up...which is a pain in the butt. Here's another option. Anybody ever hear of Beef Melt? It is a muscle that occurs inside a cows digestive system...and can be obtained by going to your local meat processor that makes their own kills. Nothing is wasted in places like these. At the meat locker here...the same one where a guy could buy steaks and hamburger and have your deer processed...I can get it for $2...enough for several fishing trips. This stuff comes in a large strip that looks like an oversized cow tounge and will need to be cut up into usable smaller pieces for bait...and is bloody similar to liver. Except this stuff will NOT come off the hook. The only thing is that it doesnt put off as much of the juices that a liver will. I started soaking my melt in chicken liver juice to make it more appealing and it was the best thing since sliced of those things too good to be true...but really works. Give it a try sometime.
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    i have not tried what you are talking about, but I have tried beef liver several times and quit using it. I caught a few fish on it, but the difference was noticable in how and how often the fish will take it. The consistancy of bites on it and the bites I would get were not as committed. It does stay on the hook better, but I will sacrafice the messyness and the more frequent rebaiting for more fish.


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    I haven't tried beef melt; pork has always outfished beef for me. I have used chitlings with either garlic powder or shrimp flavoring; sometimes worked well, sometimes didn't. Also used salt pork once and caught a 16# blue, which was the only fish caught that day. Both of those baits stay on the hook till you take them off.