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Discussion in 'Homemade baits' started by catfisherman369, Jun 29, 2007.

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    anyone heard of putting beef blood in a pizza pan and letting the sun dry it . it is suppose to turn out like leather and be able to cut into strips. never tried it but heard of it.
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    yes i have read on other sites that works and also use part of old panty house to hold the bait on you hook. my problem is the getting the blood.
    local process plant wont save the blood for anyone.

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    Toby, I have heard of two ways to process beef blood, but there is probably a whole lot more. These methods are...

    After the blood has coagulated, use something like the back side of a hack saw blade to cut the blood.

    1. Cut the blood into slabs about 3/4" thick. Then cut the slab into strips about 3/4" wide, then cut the strips into cubes about 3/4" thick. Set these cubes out in the sun on a piece of cardboard cut from a cardboard box. Monitor these cubes closely. You want the exterior to be slightly hard, where it will hold on a hook, but if you wait too long it becomes brittle where you can't use it. Normally I do mine about 4 hours before I am going to fish with them. The Oklahoma sun does a good job of baking. Guess if the sun's not shinning you need to expose them longer. At any rate, the cube has six sides to it... five of the sides will be dried and the side laying against the cardboard will still seep blood. I use them on jugs and trotlines, primarily because if you cast them, they'll come off pretty easy. Probably could tie them up in panty hose or such...just too lazy on my part. Found these cubes are real good for channels.

    2. Cut the blood into slabs about 1 1/2" thick. Then cut the slabs into strips about 1 to 1 1/2" thick, then into cubes about two inches in length. Spread dark brown powdered sugar over the cubes and bake in the sun about three hours. Remove them from whatever you have them on, put them into zip-lock bags and freeze them... the next day, thaw the package out...then freeze them again... do this for a couple of days... the freezing/thawing is supposed to toughen them up where they will stay on a hook when you throw them.