Become a Guardian Angel for our Service Personel!

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    The United States Army is sponsoring a safety program to take care of our Service personnel as they return on mid-tour or deployment. We can not afford to loose one of them. I ask that you do what you can such as a safe ride home or just a pat on the back. Here is some more on the program:

    Operation Guardian Angel [​IMG] Click here to get
    your certificate!

    Uncle Sam Wants You!

    Service Members returning from war are at high risk for accidental injury

    Read below and find out how you can help……
    During the war, Army buddies watch over each other. When Service Members leave their buddies and return home they will need family and friends to watch over and assist them through what could be a difficult time of readjustment.
    How can you help? Easy…..
    Let them know you care, and appreciate their service to our country by reminding them to practice safety while they are home.
    Why Service Members are at high risk after the war ?

    They are returning from a war zone. Many have been there for 12 months or longer.
    Returning home will be a major adjustment for them. They will have to reintegrate and learn a normal life style again. Driving, social interaction and every day life will be much different than what they experienced in Iraq. Some may have a tendency to over indulge. Others may experience difficulty in relationships. These factors place them at high risk for accidents and injuries.
    Operation Guardian Angel is a program designed to help protect our Service Members once they return home.

    What is Operation Guardian Angel ?

    A national campaign that encourages families, friends, neighborhoods and communities to remind Service Members to practice safety when they return home.

    What’s the objective?

    • To help protect Service Members from injury or accident.
    • Let them know we are proud of them, and we care.
    • Provide citizens an opportunity to get involved.
    Who can be a Guardian Angel ?

    • Anyone that cares enough to help our Service Members stay safe once they return home.
    • We need you to be a Guardian Angel.
    • Please help and pass this message along to others!
    What can a Guardian Angel do?

    • Guardian Angels can talk to Service Members they know.
    • Guardian Angels can remind Service Members to:
    • Drive with caution, and have a plan for DUI avoidance if they intend to consume alcohol.
    • Offer to call a cab to help get them home safely
    • Use the appropriate safety gear and buddy system during recreational activities such as hiking and swimming.
    • Anything you can think of that will help ensure their safety
    We need your help getting the message out!

    Help recruit Guardian Angels in your community by:

    Contacting your local radio and TV stations to make public service announcements. Asking groups and local clubs such as the VFW, American Legion, AM Vets, PTA, Jaycees, and other community action organizations to participate.

    Thank You for your selfless service
    We want to reward you. This website will provide an official “Guardian Angel” Certificate of Appreciation.
    More Information on Guardian Angel:
    Guardian Angel Program Management Guide (Word doc 237KB)
    Memo from Lieutenant General Sanchez (PDF 18KB)

    Here is one for the BOC as a whole:

    BOC Guardian Angle500.jpg
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    Great post Daryl maybe here at the BOC we could cal it the Guardian Angler.

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    That is awesome!!! It seems very simple!! Of course, we have to support our men and women in the service.

    Thanks for sharing this great info!!!