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    murray, KENTUCKY
    i just bought a conibear trap and a few foot-holds to trap some beavers on a guys farm because thier damin up the streams and floodin all his fields. any tips or tricks will be greatly appreciated.
  2. beetle

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    If you can find the slides they use getting in and out of the water that would be a good place to set your traps.

  3. primitive

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    It is hard to hold beaver caught in a leg hold trap. You have to have it staked or wired into deep water so it will drown before it chews free. Never fasten your Conni trap till after it is set in the location. If you get your hand or arm caught in it you might have to get help to get it off. You probably can't do it with one hand, so if it is staked in deep water or stapled to a log, you might be in trouble. Get a rod with a hook in the end to fish your trap and beaver out of deep water or through a hole in the ice. Just some thoughts. Quite a thrill pulling a hog sized beaver out of the water.
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    I haven't trapped Beaver in a long time but when I did I use to look and find all of the holes in the bank that they used most and set 330s in them but it seems that you don't have many traps so I would place sticks in front of all the holes and see which ones they are using most. Some of the holes are resting holes. You want to find the Den they will use it the most. Place the sticks as close to the holes as possible and when they push them aside from going in or out of the holes, then you can see that they have been moved. Here is where you want to place your trap. Use small sticks so they will be easy for the Beavers to move so not to scare them . The sticks have got to be dry so the Beavers won't eat them . I used dry horse weeds they seemed to work best for me. Hope this helps.