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I have been fishing the Beaver River for over 20 years, my Grandfather took me when I was little and I've been fishing there since. I went out Thursday evening with about 2 dozen creek chubs and I had one of the best outings I've had this year. I got there at 6:30 PM, and at 6:45 I had my first Flatty, he weighed 23 lbs., by 7:30 I had caught 2 more that were over 15 lbs., by 8:30 I had caught 2 more, one weighing 27 lbs. , nothing too big, but still had a very consistent night. All together I had caught 8 flatheads from 6:30 to 10:00. It was the perfect place for a flathead, lots of downed trees and in the same area looked like somekind of structure in the water, probably something that the floods last year washed downstream and the submerged trees acting like a little dam, caught it and it is perfect place for the baitfish to hangout. It's nice cause I had to walk down a steep grade hill and through some jaggers, so I don't think anyone else would want to go through all that to fish. But, if they knew how good the spot was, I'm sure they would be there in a minute. I don't think I'm gonna tell the guys at my local baitshop of my spot, just so if I go there, I know no one will be there.
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