Beat the Heat at Sangcrist

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    After reading about the guys trying to fish the Hot Tub last week or so I thought I might share a little local Knowledge.
    When the water serves up poached fish almost its time to hunt up some of the many Field tiles that provide super cool, super oxygen rich relief for them Big Ole good ones.

    In particular ones with deep water close to them .
    If ya know how the lake is set up for waterfowl hunting with the Numbered stakes it will sure help.

    Short list of places to check the temps .
    32 has two tiles and Deep water
    44 has several tiles on the west side of the cove.. Watch the Blue herons they hunt them cool puddles.
    46 just North of the south stake.
    47 just right in the middle of the cove. two in that bay also.
    10, 11 and 12 on the east side.
    12 has a tile that runs year round .. in fact it won't freeze till way late after everything is solid.

    Check these out sometime when your riding. Its not un common to find 75 degree just a few feet down from that almost triple digit top water ..

    Good luck.

    R Green Duckpoor
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    Sherman IL
    Thanks Ron, I'll printing this out and taking it with me next time I go....

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    South Cent
    Thank you, this is a GREAT HELP! I remember my uncle always talking about the pipes when I was a "young grasshoppa" and know 30 years or so later I couldn't find anyone who knew or would say, so I want to thank you for this info, Randy