Beam Scale Leveling Base

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    I needed a way to raise my beam scale up a little to make it easier to read, and I wanted an easy way to keep it level no matter where I moved it. My old bench, despite the new paint job, isn't exactly what you could call level...So I went to Lowes and in the "Furniture Parts" in the pullout drawers in the hardware section and picked up 4 drive in threaded inserts, 1/4" threaded rod, and 1/4" rubber post caps. I drilled 4 holes in a piece of 2"X4" and drove in the threaded inserts, cut the threaded rod to equal lengths and put the rubber caps over the threaded rod, then screwed the threaded rods into the inserts...Now using a 2-way surface level that came with my washing machine, I turn the threaded rods in/out to achieve level and it got it up a little higher so its easier to read...All the parts came to just under $4.00 (not counting the level)

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    Looks good.

    I picked up a wood bunk bed frame from someone's trash pile. Mostly to be used to burn stumps. I made a stand for my scale with some of the wood. It measures 12" long, 10" high, The top board is 5" wide, the base is 6 1/2" wide.