Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by butlersbeagles, Aug 18, 2005.

  1. butlersbeagles

    butlersbeagles Guest

    Anyone in ohio have beagles that might want to hook up this year and hunt.If you dont have dogs thats fine to.Got alot of good running grounds for rabbits.Thanks
  2. forktale

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    butlersBeagles,where you at? I'm up here in N. East Ohio.I have two Beagles,one is 2yrs. old and I haven't been able to get out with him yet do to my job.This year I have the time though and this dog comes from Prime stock.I have a female I got off the Amish up here that has good potential.She's 8 months now and male is 2yrs.I'm pretty much stuck with public hunting grounds,but have some lage area's there with great habitat,you just have to hunt them on week days to avoid crowds of pheasant hunters.If we'ere close enough that would be great.

  3. butlersbeagles

    butlersbeagles Guest

    I live in central ohio around washington court house.
  4. bull_head

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    I live in Pennsylvania but to me theres nothing like the sound of a Beagle in Hot Pursuit of that Raskly Rabbit ....
  5. hookeye

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    Hey Butler,
    You sure live close to a lot of prime rabbit huntin for sure. Wish I still lived up that way so I could hook up with you. Hope you can find some one with some decent dogs nearby.
  6. mudcat_xpress

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    Beckley, WV
    I am not from Ohio. But I love to rabbit hunt. I have three beagles. I'm glad to see a few good ol' rabbit hunters out there good luck this year.
  7. tokie

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    Hemlock, Ohio
    I dont know how often You hunt or how much money you want to spend but RTK beagles will have a couple of started pups at the end of rabbit season. But you wont be disapointed if you buy a Pup from them they run all the time and if you want a shot to see the blood line run. Theres a big hunt in millerspurg ohio or we can meet up and run the dogs.

    Let me know,
  8. TOPS

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    put name here
    When I was younger my dad and I had some rabbit dogs. I had some good races with those dogs. :D
  9. redneck_oh_44833

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    Galion Ohio
    hey butler
    i would realy like to make it down to hunt rabbit with ya
    i have three beagle
    i am about two hours north of you but once season starts I could make it down
  10. butlersbeagles

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    Hey sounds good to me.I have alot of great places to get rabbits.If you dont bag out its your fault.Let me know and well hook up
  11. MadKater

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    i live in SW Indiana but i do love running of now i have a total of 7 beagles 6 of which are fully trained and i have 1 pup that is well on her way to becoming one heck of a rabbit dog.... for my oldest dog{bigmomma jill} this will be her last running season and i will retire her,i may take her out by herself every now and then but the other younger dogs just wear her out.
    3 of my beagles are what i call short legged dwarf beagles lol.these dogs are tiney,they are a lil over 3 yrs old but look like they are no older then 6 months they are just tiny lol.
    my other passion is running coon dogs,i currently have 3 coon dogs,2 walkers and blue tick,i also have one pup rite now that i am working with but it is not mine,im letting it work with my older dogs for a friend of mine that is just getting into coon far the pup is juts hangin around my feet but you gotta expect that out of a pup,he will turn out fine i think.
  12. butlersbeagles

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    Rabbit season comes in tomorrow in OHIO and the dogs and i are ready.Will post pics after tomorrows hunt.To all thats going tomorrow have a safe and fun hunt