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    Thanks for all your help and input on places to stay along the SC coast. We had a great time!!

    My daughter had been wanting to go out on a shark charter and we took a day and did that. The highlight for her was seeing the dolphins swimming next to the boat while we were fishing. The downside was only catching four small sharks.

    The best fishing was from the Springmaid Pier in Myrtle Beach. I took a couple of "big cat rods" down with me and caught some bluefish for bait. Since it is against county ordinance to "fish for sharks", we decided to fish for bluefin tuna and Atlantic grouper. :big_smile: The last night we "accidentally" caught several three and four foot sharks and several smaller ones. You kinda draw a crowd when you bring one of those things up on the pier.

    The Ugly Stik Tiger rods and the Abu Garcia 7000's did the trick on landing the feisty sharks. I did have a run and a brief hook-up from one "BIG FISH", that hit a bluefish head on a 8/0 Gamakatsu circle hook, but the shark bit clean through the 108 pound Malin steel leader

    We never hooked any of the Atlantic grouper or bluefin tuna we were after....hehheheheheh!!
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    I got pics of a 4 ft shark I caught off myrtle beach state park last week i was fishing for other fish also but knew what I wanted to tangle with. I also caught a 12 lb. sheeps head in murrells inlet at dicks marina that was 3 lbs off the state record. I am still kicking myself for not getting it mounted but it was the first one I ever caught and he was very good eating.

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    Sounds like you bad a good trip. thanks for sharring.
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    Sounds like yall had a great time. If you are ever looking to go strickly shark fishing again there is a captain Micheal Long out of Little River that is one of the best for hooking up with some monster sharks. If you ever want to try it yourself just wait until around this time of the year when the menhaden move into the winyay bay and go out to the north jettie and put a live 1lb mullet on and hold on. Those black tips school on top of the water chasing the bait it is an awsome sight and even better fight. Me and my dad got into them a couple of years ago and landed 7 over 5ft and 1 that was easily 6-7ft after that one he put the rod down and said that was it for him for the day. No pics though I wasnt putting anything that big in my boat.
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    WyleCat, it still sounds to me like you're having a good trip. I, myself, have been fishing for the Atlantic Grouper and the Bluefin Tuna off of the piers for years. And, like you, all I can catch is them dig-dang sharks. lol.

    I used to do a lot of king fishing off of the end of the pier. When I noticed how many "Atlantic Grouper" strikes we would get, I started fishing for 'em. When ever we'd clean fish at the cleaning tables, we'd throw the entrails back into the water, and the "Atlantic Groupers" would be swarming. I'm not saying we were chumming, because that's illegal - we were cleaning fish.

    Hope this helps.

    PS - Ok - the wife's giving me the "people are swimming there," so don't volunteer to clean everybody's fish there at one time. Sorry. (Works good in the wintertime, though. And you have the pier all to yourself. Mostly. You do have some die-hard king-fishermen still there, and those who are after the winter trout, but no competition for the Atlantic Grouper. Believe it or not, the late-late fall and early winter is a good time for the small spot-tails, or red drum, what ever you want to call them.) Have a good trip!