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    Original post made by Mike Lovejoy(Lovejoydc1) on September 17, 2002

    If I had to give a new catfisherman some good advice in two words,those words would be BE FLEXIBLE. You see alot of posts asking about the best bait or best way to rig or whether you should fish the bottom or use a bobber. Alot of folks are looking for that magic combination that will bring them to the boat or bank everytime and the fact is that what works the best is whatever works today where you're fishing.
    I was lucky that my father started me fishing when I was about five years old and I have enjoyed countless hours either on or by the water since then. I have caught alot of different kinds of fish but since I've been an adult my main quarry has been catfish and the one thing I've learned, along with alot of other guys on the board, is that what drives them crazy today they may not even look at tomorrow. We've all met or heard of bass fisherman who use only one type of lure because that is the one they were using on one particular day when they couldn't keep the fish off the hook and those guys usually have alot more bad days than good. Same thing applies here.
    Let me give you an example. Recently I moved from a part of the country with lots of good catfishing to an area where the pickins are slim
    so I have been fishing a lake for the last couple of months. During that time the fish have moved into different parts of the lake and back again several times. Also, my homemade dough bait has been a big hit and a total failure. I tried salt cured livers a couple of times and did very well but for the last two weeks they haven't been worth a darn. I have gone from catching them on the bottom one week to fishing three feet down. Today I started with shiners on the bottom but after changing around alittle and watching to see who was catching fish and how, I caught two nice ones fishing cut bait with my slip bobber set at about four feet.
    If you're serious about catching catfish the main thing to know is just about the time you think you have it all figured out, Mr. Cat will show you who's really the boss.