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    be very careful when dove hunting.this is another true story. this happened to one of my friends and I about twenty years ago, back before I was friend and I was going dove hunting. every time we passed this stretch of highway we saw doves there. so that is where we went hunting. we just pulled of the road into the edge of a field and started walking in the pine thicket.just about 100 yards into the woods,doves were flying every where.we must have killed 15 or 20 in just a few minutes. we walked a little farther and guess what we found, thats right, a dove pin, full of know what we did then ,right. Phillip got in the pin while I stood at the gate with my hunting coat ready to stuff the doves in. he would grab a dove and twist its neck and hand it to me to put in my coat. as I was then very small and my coat was very big on me so was my pants. anyhow he kept handing me the birds and I kept stuffing them in my coat and then in my pants pockets.untill I had no more room to put them. then we ran out of there as fast as we could run.we got back to the road but not to close to the car. so we had to walk a good ways down the all of those birds were not dead as I could feel them fluttering around. cars were passing back and forth , just then my coat started to lift off of me. those birds were trying to fly away. I had birds flying out of my coat and pants from every where, people were looking so hard they were a couple of them running off the road.I could see them laughing at scared the heck out of me.I thought they were going to lift me off of the ground.I only was about 70*s at the time. now I am 48 years old and only 108*s. any how. I say this from know how, when dove hunting, be careful, you can get hurt. those birds almost flew me in front of cars a couple of times. have a blessed day. ps I wish I knew whose land that was so I could go ans say. I'm sorry for taking your doves. back then I was a sinner, now i'm saved by grace. to you all. happy V day.
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    a good story. when we were young we probably all did a thing or two we would not do now. it is amazing what is thought to be ok when you are young. just be thankful you grew up in the country. all the kids that are stuck in the city never get a chance to have a story of going out in the country.

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    Your a character!!
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    Just think of this everytime you sing "I ll Fly Away":big_smile: