Be alert when fishing with RickJr.

Discussion in 'VIRGINIA RIVERS TALK' started by Powhatan, Jan 25, 2009.

  1. Powhatan

    Powhatan New Member

    I had a great day of fishing with RickJr yesterday..would like to thank him for letting me tag along. His heated pontoon boat is very comfortable.

    We caught a lot of bait early but the bite was just not there.. we tried deep, shallow, ledges, drop-off everything. But it was fun anyway.

    The one thing to be careful of when fishing with Rick is his cellphone. His ringtone is the sound of a screaming clicker. He got me good.. It was nice and quiet, all lines out in a spot that looked really fishy... Then his cellphone rings and I jump up heading for my rods like a crazy man...

    I guess you had to be there...:roll_eyes:...but it was funny for us.

    Thanks again Rick..hope we can do it again soon. Maybe next time we will catch a fish.
  2. Rickjr

    Rickjr New Member

    No prob. at all ...didn't catch anything,bait was easy as usual,fish were there the sonar showed a bunch..But it was great meeting Chris and look foward to fishing w/Chris and others members...and as far as the cellphone i just got that ringtone and if you could have been there it was a priceless moment:smile2:....but not planned.....I could blame it on 66Tbone (Tommy) It was him on the phone....Had a great time and I learned a lesson too...after Chris left I decided to troll a bit Stretch 25's and a few umbrella rigs ,four rods all snagged at i know i can back the boat up and reel four poles at 1 Great time hope to do it again soon

  3. Trahviiz

    Trahviiz Member

    Man that's terrible. :smile2:
  4. 66TBONE

    66TBONE New Member

    I will make sure i call whenever Ricky has a new guest on the boat! LOL!:smile2:
  5. JPritch

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    Lynchburg, VA
    Pretty cool ringtone! I thought Saturday would have been the great fishing day with the warm weather. The fish sure are hard to pattern. Better luck next time guys.
  6. freshbaitrules

    freshbaitrules New Member

    I would like to thank Rick and Chris for donating a few cutters to myself and a buddy. We ended up w/ two fish Sat.

    I must admit stoping to meet up w/ Rick and Chris was like the picture of the dog looking into the steakhouse window. We pull up after a good little ride a little on the cold side to se Rick sitting inside the "fishing shack" with a T-shirt on. Ah the other half!

    Great day on the water but the fishing was super slow. Had maybe five bites all day. Thats pecks, taps and probably a couple of those were where I bumped the rod w/o knowing.

    Dreadfully slow.:sad2: