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    This recipe cannot be beat for shrimp..This is Dickie Brennans recipe, a New Orleans style BBQ and without the shrimp the sauce is great over anything..You can do the shrimp any way you like but I rather pinch the heads off but leave the shells cause I find the shrimp soaks up the sauce better that way.

    1 teaspoon garlic, chopped
    1 tablespoon butter
    1 lb jumbo shrimp
    3 tablespoons worcestershire sauce
    1 tablespoon hot sauce, we prefer Crystal's
    1 lemon, juice of
    2 teaspoons creole seasoning
    2 teaspoons black pepper, cracked
    1 cup beer, recipe calls for Abita Amber
    1 cup butter, chilled, chopped
    1 teaspoon fresh rosemary, minced

    Saute the garlic lightly in the butter in a medium saute pan.Add the shrimp and cook for 1 minute on each side.Increase the heat to high and add Worcestershire sauce, hot sauce, lemon juice, Creole seasoning, and cracked pepper.Add the beer and stir to deglaze the saute pan.Cook until reduced by 1/2.Reduce the heat to medium and add the butter, one piece at a time, mixing until completely incorporated after each addition and cooking until the sauce is thickened enough to coat the spoon.Stir in the rosemary.Ladle into bowls.Serve with French bread to sop up the sauce.
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    Two things of mine you don't put anything on.
    My steak and my shrimp.:smile2:

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    unless its a round steak. thats hamburger somebody forgot to grind