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    BBQ 101
    By: Chris Love

    Many of us enjoy BBQ at some point in our lives, other enjoy it more than others. I enjoy my que a lot; not only cooking it but cooking for others. I believe that BBQ is a comfort food it brings together family, friends and even strangers. I got start queing when I was in High School working for Stilwell Smokehouse in Stilwell, Kansas. I have enjoyed it ever since and I am in the process of starting a catering business.

    Purchasing a grill or a smoker can be a difficult decision. You must first deicide how much you want to spend of your grill or smoker. There are 3 types of grills that you can purchase.

    1.) Kettle Charcoal/wood chunks Bowl shaped metal fire box with domed lid. Vent holes on the top and bottom for heat control. Everything: Direct and indirect grilling; smoking; rotisserie grilling

    2.) Front Load Charcoal/wood chunks Metal box on legs with a door in front to add fuel. Direct and indirect; smoking

    3.) Wood-burning Wood/Charcoal Boxed grill that opens in front with 2 shelves; one for the fire and the other for food. Direct Grilling

    4.) Hibachi charcoal Deep rectangular or oval box; grates can be raised or lowered Grilling small or thin foods using the direct grilling method

    5.) Ceramic charcoal Built like a large egg, ceramic firebox and dome radiates heat. Great for turkeys, chicken, pork shoulders
    6.) Table Grill Charcoal or gas Large flat metal tray or shallow box mounted on legs Direct grilling

    Gas Grills
    1.) Basic grill Gas 1-3 burner zones Great for everything
    2.) Gas Super Grill Propane/ Natural Gas 3-8 burners; rotisserie; smoke box; side burners Great for everything

    1.) Offset Charcoal/wood Barrel or box shaped chamber that runs horizontally or vertically, with a separate offset firebox for fire Great for brisket, pork shoulders, ribs, turkeys, whole hogs.

    2.) Water Smoker Charcoal or electricity Vertical cylinder shaped chamber with heating element on bottom; uses water, beer, cider etc… to keep food moist Turkeys, pork, ribs, briskets

    3.) Competition or commercial smokers Charcoal and wood or gas Usually towed; Cooks large quantities of meat

    1.) electric grill Electricity Inverted Broiler uses no live fire; used in apartments and condominiums Thin or small pieces of food.

    There are 5 types of grilling methods

    1.) Direct Grilling: Direct grilling involves cooking your food directly over a flame
    2.) Indirect Grilling: Allows you to cook large cuts of meat with out burning them.
    3.) Modified Grilling: The food is cooked above a bed of glowing embers but the grill grate is positioned about 2 – 6 feet about the coals.
    4.) Smoking: Food is cooked over low heat and the presence of a lot of wood smoke. Smoking takes a long time for meat to cook but the end results are outstanding.
    5.) Spit Roasting: Food is cook by slowly rotating.

    Types of seasoning:

    1.) Rub: Mixture of spices or herbs that are sprinkled on meat before cooking.
    2.) Marinades: Wet seasoning usually containing some sort of fats (olive oil) .
    3.) Bastes and Mop: Applied to food when cooking to keep food moist and adds flavor.

    If you have any questions please feel free to ask.