Battery recommendations for trolling motor

Discussion in 'Boat Modification Journal' started by FlashGordon, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. FlashGordon

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    The trolling motor battery on my boat doesn't seem to last very long without needing recharging. I've read where most boat dealers put a cheap battery in when they sell the boat. Does anyone have a recommendation about type of battery I should buy? One or two? And how do I connect two batteries together?

  2. kingdawes

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    Connecting two batteries together could either give you more umph voltage or longer lasting voltage depending on wether you put them in series or not.

    When you pick you battery make sure that is a deep cell cycle battery. Not a starting battery. Depending on how much you want to spend there are some great new technologies in marine batteries. Just do a google and you will run across some pretty nice batteries.

    I am personally probably just going to go down to the ole wally world and pick me up one of those 60 dollar jobs and hope for the best.

  3. jim

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    Go to the TROJAN battery website and you will find lots of info including how to hook up in series or parallell.I am not a TROJAN saleman:smile2::big_smile:but have used the SCS 225 for years simply because it lasts forever if maintained and has just about the most reserve amps of any conventional wet cell battery.225 minutes at 25 amp draw is a LOT of running time.I always have one on my boat to run baitwell oxygenators night lights etc.I dont bass fish anymore but when I did I found one of these batteries coupled with a MinnKota trolling motor with the MAXIMIZER would run all weekend with power to spare.The down side is they cost,just like all the good things in life.The up side is that they are way less expensive than a woman,:smile2::wink::crazy::big_smile:Besides a woman will get tired quickly of rowing you around while you cast.
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    I use an Interstate deep cycle marine battery, I have had it for 3 years, and it is going strong, only had to charge it once...Thats when I had the blacklight, trolling motor, fish finder, and my bait tank all running off of it..It wasnt dead, it just needed a good charge...It has never failed me...I liked it so much I took it out of my other boat before I sold it.:big_smile: And the best part about it it, my buddy works for interstate, so he gives me a new battery anytime I need it cause I let him hunt on my property..So it being free is a plus..Batteries are freakin expensive..LOL
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    i bought 2 everstart battaries from walmart this summer one for my trolling motor and other for lights finder and so on i recharge them after every trip out . for the simple reason i don't have a charging system on my boat 14' v bottom but have spent 2 days on an all electric lake here at home and trolled around the whole time with out swithching battaries or running dead.
    they were the smallest deep cycle they carry 75 amp i believe 45 dollors i believe .

    just my 2 cents if i would have a charging system i would be set and most likly never have to charge them .

  6. CoonX

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    Has the battery ever been completely(100%) drained. After a deep cycle has been drained a few times, it'll take a memory and will only partially recharge after that.
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    I bought a battery from O'Riellys last year and ask for a deep cycle battery and they sold me a " Super Start Marine Starter" Battery.
    Now is this wrong for what I need for a trolling motor only?
    Could I use it for under water light w/100watt helagen.

    I cant afford top dollar ones but want a good one
    Does Walmat carry a good Deep Cycle ?

    thought some may like this