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Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by dickieboy, Dec 8, 2005.

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    Looks like I am soon to be in the battery purchase mode. I have been running two marine everstarts for my trolling motor and one delco automotive battery for my start. I had purchased a three bank 5 amp charger that worked well for maybe 20 months. It is now not working. I think I overlooked checking the water level often enough, ran one or two too dry and shorted out the charger. Seems like the internal protection should have prevented that but anyway. Using a garage charger they do boil but when checking with a volt meter I never get above 12.1-12.3 volts. Full charge should be something like 12.7?. I haven't done a load test yet but feel these are shot. The cranking battery doesn't show any volts so I believe it has a internal breakdown preventing any voltage. Questions:

    Are the spiral cell/gell batteries worth it? Looking for someone who has had one for several years.

    What about remanufactured batteries?

    Any other opinions on this?

    Thanks for any replies.
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    dickie i recommend the gel cell batteries because i have had the one in my truck for 3 yrs and it is super plus the marine gel cells are really good i know when i was aboard navy raider boats that is all they used they handle multi starts well hope this helps

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    you may already know this but if you intend to get another 3 bank charger make sure all your new batteries are the same type,(sealed, wet, gel ,whatever) and that the charger output is on the correct setting for the type of battery...W
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    I have a set of Delco Voyager Deep Cycle batteries that have been in my boat for 7 years. They MAY need replacing this coming spring. Wanna guess what will be the brand that replaces them????? Cranking batteries are pretty much all the same to me as long as they have enough cold cranking amps to do the job. I prefer the batteries used for starting a D-9 Caterpillar dozier for a cranking battery.
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    It wont matter what type or brand of battery you buy IF you don't do the required maint.There are several good battery websites that can explain the different type of constructions and how to maintain them.It sounds like you would be better off getting an AGM or Gel maint free type.Wet cells are the most power for the money but require constant attention.MAKE sure you new charger has a setting for the type you get.The West Marine catalog has an excellent section on batteries and chargers that is worth reading.Trojan batteries also has a good web site and make the best wet cells in my opinion.I have gone to AGM type batteries because Gels are very sensitive to correct charging amperages.DO NOT mess with re manufactured batteries in my opinion.
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    :cool: Shadow I know the batteries your talking about, I work at a caterpillar dealer in clk. and those batteries have more than 1100cca, and weigh a ton. But they are some of the best batteries you can find and last a long time.