battery operated vacuum sealers

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    wife got me a ziploc hand vacuum sealer before hunting season. it runs on 6 AA batteries and fits in a backpack, although i have only used it at the house. you have to use these special ziploc bags that have a vent hole that you put the suction cup on and push a button. i have done a big hog and a deer with it, along with fish and vegetables, pheasants, quail, and rabbits on only 12 batteries. i got a bag of 200 styrofoam trays and a bag of 2000 blood pads from a salvage store for only 8 bucks. if you do your own processing this might be worth looking in to. when i first saw the hand vacs on tv i didn't pay them any mind, but after using one for so much in a short period of time, i'm hooked! i think i am going to use it for all my shad in the spring as well. i still use the foodsavers, but used this for the trial run this year. here's some trout i did tonight in a gallon bag...

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    Thanks for the review Jordan! I was wondering about them. I may have to give them a try.

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    Thanks fer the review we just bought one and its gettin ready to get tortured (LOL)