Battery keeps getting ran down

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by Robert4361, Jul 31, 2007.

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    I have a 1973 85 hp johnson, was my grandfathers so sentimental to me. i had it reworked last year, and it's been fine so far this season. Somehow now the battery is being ran down everytime it is not on the charger, i took it off the charger overnight and it wouldn't turn the motor over this morning. i had the battery tested and it was fine. the only thing running off this batter is the engine itself everything else in the boat is running off a seperate battery. Any ideas on what the problem may be?
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    Sounds like there's a short somewhere that's drawing current from the battery full time, even when the motor isn't running and the key is off.

    If you have a voltmeter, set it on the amps scale. Turn the motor switch completely off and disconnect the positive lead, then put one probe on the lead and the other on the battery post. If it shows any current flowing, that's your problem. Troubleshooting the source of that problem will likely keep you busy for quite a while.

    It's also possible that the charging system on your motor isn't working, usually because of the voltage rectifier. The service manual for your motor (available online or at any marine parts store, look for Clymer or SELOC brand) will give you a simple procedure for checking whether the charging system is working or not.

    And if the battery is more than a couple of years old, and especially if it's been run completely dead several times, it's probably just weak and not able to take or hold a charge properly.