Battery for boat bait tanks.

Discussion in 'Boat Tips' started by dwreel, May 6, 2006.

  1. dwreel

    dwreel New Member

    Southern Pines, NC
    Do most guys use a seperate battery for their bait tank or just tap off the engine starter battery?
  2. blackhorse83

    blackhorse83 New Member

    I use a seperate battery for everything. I don't want any thing on my starting motor battery. That way it will always start.

  3. oldprowler

    oldprowler New Member

    Mannford, Oklahoma
    I also have a seperate battery for all the goodies on the boat, I never want to be caught with a dead starting battery again.
  4. trnsmsn

    trnsmsn New Member

    Missouri Originally Now I
    I have 2 Batteries, I Don't Really Troll Alot But I Do Use A Bait Tank/Livewell Like You Do.

    So I Have The Batteries Hooked Up To A Marine Switch Made By Guest, It Has The Following Positions, "Off", Battery #1, Battery #2, "All" Or "Both".

    When I'm Runnning Out To My Spot, I Put It On "All" Which Charges Both Batteries. When i Get There I Switch It To Either Battery 1 or 2, To Run My Accessories, That Way When You Get Ready To Leave You will Always Have A Hot Cranking Battery.

    Same Thing Goes Running Back, Switch It Back To Both Batteries & It Will Recharge The Battery You Were Using.

    Now I might Add That My 70HP Suzuki Has A High Output Alternator, If Your Motor Does Not You Might Want To Put Your Batteries On A Trickle Charger When You Get Back, The Bottom Line Is That By Doing It This Way You WILL Get Back.

    Have A Great Day, Elliot
  5. Mr.T

    Mr.T Active Member

    Getting ready to install a bait tank later this week and will use one of the two trolling motor batteries.

    I run the livewell, bilge and electronics from the starting battery. Anything else is going on one of the trolling motor batteries.
  6. brad kilpatrick

    brad kilpatrick New Member

    Kansas City
    I run Three Batterys, One to start the motor, One runs the trolling motor and electric anchor winch. and one runs the sonar and lights

    When I get an Bait tank I'll hook it up to one of the batterys That don't start the motor.
  7. olefin

    olefin New Member

    When I first got my new boat I was concerned that the Sonar/GPS, all bait and live well pumps ran off of the starting battery. The other battery was for only the trolling motor. I would fish for a couple hours and notice the starting battery would be weak. I was thinking about switching it all to the trolling motor battery. I fussed at the dealer, at first they said that was normal, that I should start the motor and let it charge about every hour. I said I knew darn well that any good battery would have more reserve capacity than that... the Sonar/GPS pulls less than an amp and the pumps only a few amps. They finally replaced it. The first battery was defective, since then no more problem.
  8. reel pleasure

    reel pleasure New Member

    New jersey
    I was gonna say....
    i could fish a good 3-4 hours before i have to start the motor and worry about charging the battery back up.

    I use an old bilge pump continously on a deep cycle battery for a bait tank.Its probaly 25-30 gallon tank.Has a hole about 2/3 or so up with a hose attached there to drain and run a hose from the bilge to the top of tank.Just clip the terminals on the batterys and toss the bilge over the side and start catchin bait.Let it run continously.

    I usually can get 2 trips out with the one battery but i do put it on a trickle charge when i get home,or should i say if i remember to charge it.
    If i forget i can usually make it the second time out.

    I like the idea of the battery switch to charge the trolling motor also when runnin.Been thinkin of doin that myself.

    Depending how you have it wired,it should charge the cranking battery first,then the trolling motor.Or it splits the charge with more going to the cranking battery.
    Am I way off?,or is it something similair to that?
  9. Dragger

    Dragger New Member

    North Carolina
    I use 4 batteries , 2 that runs 2 bait tanks (deep cycle) and 2 for cranking and all electronics. one is a standard marine cranking battery and the other is a deepcycle cranking marine battery wired together...also have a set of jumper cables onboard. (don't like battery trouble)....