Battery Charger?

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    Many people use the little 7a rechargable 12v batteries to run stuff on small boats. I've read several comments that recommend only using a charger that shuts off automatically when charging is complete, so that the battery isn't over-charged.

    Where can I get such a thing? The charger that came with my Eagle portable stays on 'till it's unplugged.
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    Most people probably just use a 500ma or so charger and guesstimate when to unplug it. There are a couple of options...

    Something like this, made for motorcycle batteries: and


    A cheapie like this:

    The motorcycle chargers give a small maintenance charge, not a problem short term, but I wouldn't leave it on a 7 amp battery indefinitely. The cheapie charger has a "Charged" light that comes on, but I would assume that it does not shut off.

    By the way, I've never done business with Batterymart, but I've had good experiences with Thomas Distributing and ZBattery.

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    i bought a trickle charger at walmart that i use on my drycell batteries and it shuts off automatically
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    One thing to look at is called a battery tender especially if you will only use the battery once a week or less. They are designed for long term storage with any battery of the correct voltage. You can place a battery on charge with one of these and leave it all winter. They charge the battery up to a certain level then shut off and only monitor the battery. If it drops below a certain level then it will kick back on and bring it back to full and shut off again. They are very common and easy to find, usually quite reasonably priced. Wally world should have them, but I know Northern Hydralics has them so search their site for information.

    A lot of bikers use them during the winter so their battery is ready to go the first sign of good weather. I use one on my tractor battery and have gotten two more years out of the one I have in the tractor now. I may just mount one of these in my boat as an on board as I only get to use it on weekends and it would have time to recharge during the week. If you have any questions give me a shout and I will try and answer as best I can or point you in the right direction for an answer.