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Discussion in 'Other Repairs' started by Scott Daw, Jun 19, 2009.

  1. Scott Daw

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    Allentown, Pennsylvania
    Next year (tax return) Im going to redo my bathroom and get a shower wrap to go over my tub & tile walls. I've got a problem I have to fix before then. Ive had the house a year now & there was loose grout in the tiles in the shower. I've patched it with caulk for now but theres a soft spot below the soap holder and theres loose tile. I know I have to replace part of the wall. My questions are;

    since its soft Im assuming someone used drywall instead of backerboard. Which should I use to patch the wall?

    should I use grout as the joint sealer instead of spackle?
    Can I reuse the tiles and if so, how do I clean the backs off if theres grout stuck to it ...wire brush?

    What tools will I need?

    What can I use to remove old grout between the other tiles that arent loose yet so I can regrout them before they get worse?

    Thanks for the help.
  2. 223reload

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    Scott,most likely your tub has greenboard,or water resistant sheetrock,backer board aint been around that long. I would use green board and say good luck and get your patience up if you are gonna try reusing the tile.:sad2:

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    make yourself a jig out of plywood with 4 strips of wood in the center forming a square big enough to hold 1 tile then put a wire wheel in a drill and grind the back of the tile off. If there is tile adhesive you might try disolving it with lacquer thinner.
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    i do tile work for a living and if their is sheet rock behind the tile and your going to replace the bathroom next tax time then just put sheet rock back in their. If you want to use the tile again then use a hand scraper and clean the back of the tile off with that any more question just pm me.
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    Scott the problem is you'll have to remove all of the tiles to replace the backing. If you've never done tile work, I dont see this turning out well trying to reuse all of the old tiles without breaking any of them and getting them back in the same spot. I'd suggest a greenboard backing and a 3 piece tub surround. They're a lot easier to install and wont rot out. If you still want to tackle the tile job, use a cement board backer. (you can buy it at any lowes in the tile section) The tiles will adhere better, it's stronger, and it wont rot.