Bass Pro's Extreme Baitcaster series

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    I just received my brand-spankin' new baitcaster the other day. Bass Pro's extreme baicaster model ETX10SHL. The thing that got my eye is the amount of line you can pull in on this thing (7.1.1). I've known now for a while that Quantum themselves have had something similiar in the Tour Edition PT Burner series. Which can handle just a little bit less on the retrieve (7.0.1) The thing that bowled me over is the price. Quantum, and all the dealers I know want 229.00 dollars for that PT. Bass Pro is offering something similiar for 49.99. I do know that the Quantum Burner has all the bells, and whistles. Oh yeah, it's the cadillac of baitcasters. But with a hefty price tag like that on it, I wouldn't want to take it out on the water with me. So, I plunked down 57.00 after s&h, and in my hands were the likes of the outwardly ugliest colored reel I've ever seen. I knew what I was getting myself into. It turns out the ugly duckling has a voice of gold. Needless to say, I am really impressed with what I got versus what I paid for. This baitcaster will see alot of use from yours truly. If I was to go into how she handles, you'd probably think I was describing some kind of a pin up model. The spool action is as smooth as silk, and the eyelet is meant to take a beating. The magnetic spooling has a kind of spooling motion transfer system to help get control over the line. The bottom line for me was the amount of line you reel in on this puppy. Maybe that might seem frivolous to others, but when you've got epicondylitis (tennis elbow), every crank turn counts. Holding capacity is slightly more that the PT (125/12lbs versus 150/12lbs). The PT has alot more than can be listed here. But I can give you the specs on the Extreme baitcaster. One model even has wide spool capacity, and another even offers a "flippin' switch". They do come in slower retrieves, such as 6.4.1. They also offer it in left-handed models, such as I bought. Eight models are offered, in all. All come with a five ball bearing system, standard. The convenient lube-port is nice, too. The ETX10HC model is shown here. With so many baitcasters out there, this one seems to be a really great buy. I am giving it a 4 out of five stars as I think if there was more aesthetics, and just a bit more features, you'd have a grand slam home run here.

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