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Discussion in 'Fishing Rod Review' started by river_rat_42, Sep 11, 2006.

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    I have been using the Bass Pro brand Catmaxx Rods since about the beggining of this year (christmas). I have a 9ft. med./hvy. Catmaxx rod with a Abu Garcia 7000C3 on it, & a 7'6ft. med./hvy. Catmaxx rod with a Abu Garcia 6500C3 on it. I love these two set-ups, they are GREAT!!! The rods have lots of backbone, and power. I brought that 23lb. blue cat (the one in my pic.) in on the 9ft. rod with no problem at all. Yet, at the same time it had good enough action that he fought hard and gave me the fight I was lookin for. These rods are by far the best i've ever used, but I was just wondering if anybody else uses these rods, is so do you like em' as much as I do.
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    Below is a write-up that I posted Long Ago. I still have this equipment and my Trust in them has not waivered one bitt. Enjoy your fishing and make it LAST!!!!!!!!


    "We have 6 of them for the Wels Catfish here in Europe. I have the 11ft. Heavy and take it all the time as my always ready for cats setup. When we are targeting the kitties, we have at times placed 13 rods out at the same time. Once the other fisherman around me had a chance to see these rods in action, they were sold. I am Very Confident when playing a fish on one of these rods. They are strong and also sensetive which make for Great Fishing. Once I return to the USA, I look forward to using them for our Big Cats! JMHO!!


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    I have 5 of the Catmaxx rods. 3 - 9ft.(med/hev) and 2 10 ft.(hev) and I really like them. I think they are a very good rod value for the price. I use them every time I go fishing and recommend them.
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    I have a CatMaxx combo and love it, I got my 42# blue on it with no problems at all.