Bass Pro Backpack Tackle storage system.

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    I originally purchased the wheeled version of the backpack and found it to be a very efficient means of storing and transporting a lot of tackle; that is until I got home ans saw the line spooling pockets had become frayed because they hang too low to the ground when using this as a wheeled tote. Other than that the bag is an excellent choice for organizing tackle. So I searched the website and found a non wheeled version on sale for $20.00 less. Returned the rolling version, and picked up the non wheeled version. This bag has enough room for me to stuff 3 tackle boxes worth of lures, line, leaders, etc into it and still be able to pack sunscreen and bug repellent in it. Being able to carry it like a backpack allows me to be able to balance the weight and have my hands free to carry my rods while maintaining a good grip on my son while trekking through the woods to those secluded spots. Now I know that when catfishing, you really don't need a lot of tackle, but while I am on the bank setting lines and casting out live bait, I like to have some tackle handy just in case I have to catch more live bait, or try and catch some stipers, trout, bass, etc.