Bass on bluegills

Discussion in 'Bass Fishing' started by katfish hunter, Apr 16, 2006.

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    Me and my dad were just fishin Black creek yesterday for bluegills.I caught one really big one that easily goes one pound.Then I caught a second bluegill, the bluegill was maybe 5 in. long.Just before I got him to shore, a gigantic bass charged through the water after my bluegill.The bass was atleast 7 lbs.Does anyone have any way to fish a live sunfish for bass.How big of a sunfish do you reccomend for bait?What kind of sunfish is best?What tackle would be best?
  2. Quackcephus

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    A good 7' to 7'6" MH action rod & a good baitcastin' reel spooled with 25# Big Game line oughta do the trick. You'll also need a 3/0 to 6/0 Kahel hook & hook the bait just behind the dorsal fin. I like usin' a "big" slip bobber set-up without any weight (shallow water). Just cast the in the area you want to fish & let it sit there. You'll need to be very patient & let the bait do all the work... when you see the bobber runnin' somethin' is chasin' the bait. When the bobber goes under let the fish have it for a three count before you set the hook & when you set the hook set it hard... you'll want to cross his eyes & drive the hook home.