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    hey everyone my names nick and i was just wondering if anyone here has fished bass lake in holly springs its a great park with a path all around the lake (roughly 1mile long 2mile round trip). most of the fishing done there is by a lot of guys with there children just teaching them how to fish nothing serious, and a few people that know what there doing. Me and Aroject go out there a whole lot mostly in the spring and summer but recently we've been going out even though its been really cold, unfortunately we haven't caught at thing on our most recent trip (Sunday) the weather warmed up but the fish were slow to react and we didn't get any bites till when we had to leave.

    The lake itself is broken down in two four major parts, the bank that has the damn attached to it (there is a feeder located there) then there is the dock (another feeder that is easier to cast too) another bank next too the dock with another feeder located just off the shore. now farther down the mile long path there is huge amount of water that not a lot of people get to I'm not sure how deep it is, but i do know that the bottom is constantly changing and it is difficult to keep you line from getting snagged in some spots.

    If anyone has any experience in this lake i would really appreciate the help, bait, rig, location suggestions, anything would be very helpfull thanks for the help.