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Discussion in 'Bass Fishing' started by Ravensmavsfan, Feb 16, 2006.

  1. Ravensmavsfan

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    Does anybody here know any good bass rigs/setups? Line weight?

    Does drift fishing for bass in the current with natural bait work as good as it does for cats?

    If I were to use natural bait, what baits would work the best?

    In lakes, how deep of water should i fish?

    Are bass active in the winter?

    Thanks for all of the info.
  2. Mutt

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    I use shimanos reels and rods spider wire line in the 17 pound test. its only as expensive as you want it to be. the shimano curados are a nice reel and no to expensive. as for drifing i wouldnt know i use many different styles from carlonia rigs to texas rigs crank baits spinners. the list goes on. my favorite reel is the Chronarch from Shimano it sells for around 269. go to bass pro's website they have lots of reels and poles if you need any more info on anything let me know.
    as for depth it varies on the time of year etc. that knowledge will come in time i can fish the same spot 2 days in a row and have to fish at different depths. as for winter i fish for them all year here.

  3. T-Bone

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    South of Dallas
    Well this is what I use to Black Bass fish with. It's a Quantum Energy Reel paired with a 6 1/2' All Star worm rod. 30lb. Spider wire (ya can feel every lil move that worm is making). Then I also use a Quantum AC500cx with a Berkley IM7 7' med action fast tip rod to chunk crank baits and pop r's with. I use Sp. wire in 17lb. on that one, then I use.... will ya get what I like. I like the low profile reels better but I also have a few Abu 5500's that I like but they are a lil bulky to me cause I like to hold the reel not the rod. Texas rig a worm with a 1/16 oz bullitweight and glass bead with a EWG Gamakatsu 4/0 hook, sometimes 5/0. I like the bait to fall slow, that's why the small weight.
    I've never fished driftin' or with live bait for bass before but I'm sure it works.
    We fish lakes here in Texas year around and most of the time only fish in 2-6 ft. of water. 4ft. being where most of the fish are caught for us.
    Find laydowns or weedbed edges and work'em real slow.
    Good luck and I hope this helped ya.
  4. thecatman

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    Graham, Texas,
    if you are targetting big bass with live bait go with the largest shiners you can find but other than that i would use rapala dt4's or the bomber guppy's both of these crankbaits go to about 4 foot in depth and stay there very well and i personally have caught many big large mouths this way the next thing i would get is some of the berkley gulp products they work very well but do not put them back in the same package after you use them as they will deteiorate the rest of the plastics and finally if you can find some arkie crawlin grubs they work fabulously im having a buddy of mine that owns a tackle shop order me some because i cant find them any more and i caught about 15 bass in one day all over 6lbs with that one lure and i had a large channel cat that would have gone about 10-12lbs but unfortuneately i didnt have the hook set well enough and he got away hope this helps you out some
  5. truck

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    williamsburg ohio
    Catching bass does not have to be hard;) Simple night crawlers or minnows under a float works real well,jigs also brings alot of them to the bank every year.Right after a good rain in the summer can be great:)