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Discussion in 'Bass Fishing' started by Freeman.360, Oct 30, 2008.

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    Im going to go bass fishing with my firend at a local lake (murray, sc) and I know the air is going to be cold but i dont think the water has gotten much warmer. but do yall have any suggestions on what i should throw throughout the day???
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    Im thinking zara spoook, buszzbait in the morning. Then a floating worm and hollow frog later then a shakyhead or texas rig. Idk ten maybe a pig and jig or crankbait??? help

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    You go armed with that selection and do your homework on the barometer you will have a happy story to tell here when you get back.

    Boxes full of "stuff " is about collecting.. solid little inventory like you mentioned will sure get you in the ball park.

    Go slow and pay attention to what the lake and the fish tell you. It might not all fall into place the first hour, but the Big picture will come into focus as you go.
    Bass are no different than any other . Eliminate the water they are not using and then proceed to finding out what they are upto and stay in their back yard till ya get them figured out.

    Good luck and get after them!

    r green
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    South Cent
    Well Mr. CJ, how did the trip fair out for ya? From the looks of the fish your hanging on to I might need to ask you a few things from time to time..... How did ya do.....?:wink: