Bass fishing rigs!

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    Valmeyer, Illinois
    I have 4 Quantum PT Tour Edition rods (3 casting and 1 spinning) 1 of the casting rods have been used, the rest are new. I also have 2 Quantum Energy PT (E760PT) baitcasters w/titanium coating that look and work great with a little paint wear on the cast control dials. Over $600 invested, will take $250 (plus shipping) for the whole lot. Wife lost her job and I lost my truck. Need cash! If anyone's interested I can send or post pics!

    Rods include:
    1. Gary Klien signature series casting 7' MH Line wt. 10-25 lb. Lure wt. 1/4-1 1/2 oz. E-glass construction. this rod is designed for braids (PTC705MGK)

    2. PTC6107F Heavy line wt. 10-30 lure wt. 1/4- 2 oz.

    3.PTC666F MED HEAVY line wt.12-25 lure wt.1/4-1 1/2 oz. (used)

    4. PTS705F med heavy line wt. 8-17 lure wt. 1/8-3/4 (spinning)
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