Bass fishing from the shore? also hows my setup?

Discussion in 'Bass Fishing' started by whiskerchaser, Jun 21, 2006.

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    Hi guys I was wanting some advice from u all ok here it is there is a deal on ebay for $50 that comes with You are bidding on an entire Bass Fishermans Delight! A complete tackle extravaganza for any novice or serious fisherman. This package was purchased from Bass Pro Shops and this retails for over $300.00 individually. This Package consists of the following:

    The tackle consists of:

    2 Top Prop Stop N Go Lures

    2 ScumFrogs

    1 Enticer Pro Jig

    1 Strike King Jig

    1 Opened Jig

    2 Packages of Culprit Worms

    1 Package of 2 tournament Wobblehead hooks

    1 Norman Lure

    1 20ct Zoom Worms (White)

    2 5ct Zoom Chunk Baits (White/Blue)

    1 20ct of 4" Cajun Trailers

    1 10ct Floating Lizards

    1 20ct 6" Danny Joe's Original Floater

    1 Hook sharpener

    1 20ct 8" Bass Pro Shop Squirmin worms

    1 Pack of wire leads

    2 Packs of leads and swivels

    1 Pack Bass Assassins Floating Worms

    1 Pack of 10 Featherlite Hooks 2.5/0

    1 Pack of 10 size 6 EC hooks

    1 Pack of 10 size 4 EC hooks

    1 Weather Proof License holder

    1 Medium size Rubbermaid tackle box with the top opening into two sections with added storage, and a large center section.

    Also included is a circular tackle holder for small items, the containers screw together and helps organize and keep track of smaller tackle. These contain:

    2 10ct bullet 1/4oz sinkers 8ct worm rattles 8ct swivels and spacers 7 Purple beads

    thats all the stuff that comes with it[​IMG]

    Also now about fishing from the shore can u catch bass from the shore? i will be fishing in a large lake with a weedy shoreline. any suggestions?
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    If by weedy shoreline, you mean that the weeds are in the water, then you can probably catch a decent amount of bass by just fishing the weeds. If they are not too thick for topwater, you can try out your scumfrog across the top, or drag some of those plastics you are getting across the top, texas rigged weightless. If the weeds are too high to fish topwater, you can fish the weed edges with a spinnerbait, or the norman crankbait that you are getting, ( a tighter wobble would help). You could also fish a plastic texas rigged on the edges, or if 1/4oz is heavy enough, don't be afraid to fish in the weeds.

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    Strangely enough, bass fishing is cheaper for me than catfishing. I use a $20 rod and reel combo I got at either Wal Mart or the local BX here on base, 1/0 worm hooks, 7-9" plastic worms, and 1/4 oz. weights. If they are hitting topwater in a really weedy pond or lake (like ours here on base) I use a frog made by SnagProof Lures. This thing will go across the weeds and never get hung up on them. It is perfect for getting to the holes in the weeds where bass like to hide waiting for food. The plastic worms work well for this too if used weightless (bass love eating snakes).

    Be warned, you will catch large frogs using these on top of the weeds too.
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    ok... i wouldn't spend $50 on that ebay auction... that stuff he probably bought (mostly on sale) for about 30... regular retail, even at the highest marked up bait/tackle stores may be $80 for all that you get... All you need for ba$$ fishing is a 1/2 way decent rod... 6-6.5ft m/mh rod w/ matching reel, 12 lb test... some offset shank worm hooks (2/0's are a good all around choice). some zoom UTales, powerbait 4" worms, a shallow running crankbait, medium running crankbait, deep running crankbait, 2 spinners (one inline, one bend arm), some topwater (zara spook or Rebel Pop R are my personal fav's)and 1 jig. and your set...

    $30: Rod and Reel
    $05: Line
    $03: Hooks
    $04: Plastic worms
    $09:3 crankbaits
    $03:2 Spinnerbaits
    $03: Topwater
    $02: Jig
    $04: Tackle box (Plano 3600 box)

    $63 at the most expensive Tackle Shops.... usually around $45 at the cheaper ones and even lower if you get stuff on clearance or sale...

    Now i know it doesn't seem like as good a deal, but that package i said you will be able to fish 90% of situations with alot easier then you would with the Ebay auction... plus it'll take up less space and be easier to carry while you walk the shore...
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    New Mexico

    well i actually got a better deal then u mentioned cuz I got a spinning reels with a 6ft spinning rod and 12lb test for $10 from my friend and it is brand new never used. so I got it all for about $60.