Bass Fishermen vs. Catfishermen

Discussion in 'Bass Fishing' started by TDawgNOk, Aug 16, 2006.

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    Whats the difference?

    There is NO difference between a TRUE purist Bassfisherman and a TRUE purist Catfisherman.

    BOTH are dedicated to preserving their sport. BOTH spend time on the water learning their sport. BOTH are affected by people who are disrespectful of nature and other people.

    Bass can be caught from shore, or a boat. So can catfish.

    Bass fishermen can be rude. So can catfishermen.

    I'm tired of sterotypes and tired of people talking down about other types of fishing. I myself fish for Crappie, Bass, and Catfish.

    Don't think someone should visit the BOC and fish for anything other than Catfish??? GET OVER IT.

    We all love catfishing, that is what has brought us together, that doesn't mean that catfishing is the ONLY type of fishing that we enjoy.
  2. AwShucks

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    Be careful Tony. We may have to revoke your membership. LOL

  3. TDawgNOk

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    Tulsa, Oklahoma
    lol may be, probably not
  4. Mutt

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    Very well said Tony and its all facts to boot great post reps to you.
  5. dougc

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    I feel the same way, although my Bass fishing tackle has only been out once this year since I've been bitten by the Catfish bug.
  6. thomcat

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    both are good eatin, the fish not the fisherman!!???...
  7. bird_dog2011

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    no i like bass fishing better than catfishing but when both are biting i would rather catch catfish than bass fish because they put up a bigger fight i think!!
  8. jim

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    "Both are affected by people who are disrespectful of nature and other people" YUP totally agree and usually its each other !!!:big_smile: :lol: :wink: I have fished for everything that swam the waters I was near including shad by hand grenade in Vietnam.Actually I made a nice little rod out of the Whip antennae of a PRC -25.Worked real well.:tounge_out: In any case I have SETTLED on catfish as my favorite because they are BIG and fight well.I would rather catch a 25lb cat than a 7lb bass.That has nothing to do with the fish at all or the people that pursue them.I love fishing so much that I am going to fish whether its for bream or Marlin.My CHOICE is cats most of the time and thats all it is my choice.I respect you and YOUR choice no matter what it is because that is what a decent, rational human being does.There isn't any difference between a purist bass fisherman and a purist catfisherman its those lousy ,stuck up purist trout fishermen with their flyrods and dry flies that bug me!!!!!!:crazy: :angry: :lol: :big_smile: :wink: :tounge_out: Just kidding
  9. cat tamer

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    well said tony , it is the sport of fishing that is the under lying factor that everyone is driven by. there focus is what differs. there is no right or wrong.
  10. C_wernett

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    It's true, in fact, last Saturday you would have found me fishing a night bass tournament on Falls Lake, instead of catfishing with a buddy. It is always the exceptions that make what people think of poeple of each other when it comes to fishing types. But you can also compare this to other sports. I know guys who are basketball die-hards who are always ragging on golfers and vice versa or whatever it may be.

    To say in the same breath, I love jetskiing! Think of all the times some jack on a jetski disrupted your fishing, and you wouldn't be thinking of the curteous nature that I use when on the water. But you automatically would include me in that group, simply because of a bad experience. It's always the way it is, and we need to try hard to not be that exception, and to be more understanding of the others on the water.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Great post Tony. My only rub is with the "SMUGG" attitude that is projected by some, not all, just some. That and the general disregard at times for fishermen that are anchored up near an area that may be holdin thier bass.
    I can't help it if the boat is in thier way and perhaps projecting an offensive odor as well. LOL! I'll respect any fisherman on the water and I expect the same.
  12. bigsmitty13

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    I like the way you put that Tony. Even though bass fishing is something i do while i'm waiting on one of my catfish rods to bend it should not be disrespected. It's kinda like I hunt deer. I don't make fun of people that hunt prarie dogs. They seem to truly enjoy shooting prarie dogs, and there is a need for that too. Thats part of being in a brotherhood. If everybody brings something different to the table we can make a real good stew.
  13. Pastor E

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    Very well said tony reps to you I never could under stand why some people think they are better than others:big_smile:
  14. nathan king

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    very well said tony at my last tournament i did get too see a bass tournament at the same time at the same loading ramp and im here to tell ya those guys unload their boats just as fast as they drive them i even had one cuss me and ask me if iwas ever gong to get my boat in the water what a mess that was but oh well i just blowed it off and moved as quick as i could because i almost got run over by 2 more boats at that marina.
  15. laidbck111

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    Like most other s i have to say respect me and I will respect you. Disrepect me and your a perch jerker. I like to fish for anything but my personal favorite is catfish. LIke someone else said from bream to marlin it doesn't matter to me but my choice is catfish.
  16. gadzooks

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    I give all good fishermen my respect. Its work learning how to do it right. As for bass fisherman, I say thanks to the bass fisherman yesterday who retrieved my Kayak Paddle after it got away when I was untangling a catfish that took the bait on a line I had in the water while trying to undo a hang up. Saved me a bunch of money, good kayak paddles are not cheap.
  17. Hootowlc3

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    I loved bass fishing, even tournament and club fished for bass for 20 years. I always liked to see brim and catfishermen catching fish. The more they caught the less there was to eat baby bass. I am too old and broke up now to fish that way. I rather kick back and catfish. Dream of days gone by and hope for a big old whiskered fish to stretch my string and test what little strength I have left.
  18. kycatman01

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    myself, i like all kinds of fishing. catfishing is my favorite. it always has been. even when i was a youngun. while the other kids would fish for bluegills and bass i would be set up for the cats. i never caught anything real big but i sure tried. i caught mostly mudcats. i also always enjoyed catching a big ole carp. a fisherman is a fisherman to me!
  19. Cutshad

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    Whats that song? Be Happy....We have enough crap in the world without pooring on some more just because someone fishes for a different fish. I have buddies that fish for bass only, trout only and crappie only. They all come to my house when I fry catfish, and I go to their's when they cook. Thats part of the fun. I deal with stereotyping daily, and it sucks. Nice to hear some decent attitudes for a change...
  20. jerseycat9

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    you said it best Tony