Bass boat for catfishing

Discussion in 'All Catfishing' started by luke1wcu, Jan 11, 2007.

  1. luke1wcu

    luke1wcu New Member

    North Carolina
    Just curious if anyone owns a bass boat and how compatible they are with catfishing. I mainly bass fish but am still considering a jon boat for a more all around approach but I am torn. If anyone here does use a bass boat for catfishing what measures do you take to maintain bait blood and guts.
    thanks in advance!
  2. loki1982

    loki1982 New Member

    Our boat isnt what id call a bass boat, but its pretty close. When we got it though we made sure the floor was plastic/vinyl , not carpet. Makes a huge difference when you put a catfish on it and it slimes it up. Id say 1 thing you can do is put some old towels on the floor/under your bait boxes, etc. And bait your lines over a towel so you dont drip.

  3. squirtspop

    squirtspop New Member

    Glencoe, Arkansas
    We do most catfishing at night so first thing the next morning, after coffee of course, I just take the garden hose to the carpet and wash it out. Make sure the plug is pulled though so the water and slime can run out. Then just leave it in the sun to dry out.
  4. Riverfish3r

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    North Carolina
    Luke, my buddy has a 16' BassTracker w/ 25hp motor that he fishes out of for bass and catfish here in NC. I think it is a great boat for all occasions. I would like to have a 17' w/50hp moter
  5. slimepig

    slimepig New Member

    Kerrville Texas
    as far as im concerned, ill never own a bass boat. if i do ill never worry about dirtyin it up!lol I like my nasty ol jon boat that aint afraid of gettin a lil catfish slime or guts on. A fishin boat with no fish blood stains or doughbait smell is about as useless to me as a barbque pit that doesnt smell like the last thing cooked on it!
  6. SkiMax

    SkiMax Well-Known Member

    Rising Sun, IN
    There is a guy around here that catfishing alot of big tournaments. He has a 19 foot Ranger Walleye Edition with a 275. He has this just so he can be the first one to the dam (30 minute ride in my boat and 6 in his). He does really really well. But if i had a boat with over 50,000 invested i think i would too!
  7. Pylodictis Olivaris

    Pylodictis Olivaris New Member

    I have seen a lot of the aluminum bass tracker type boats on the river before. From what I have heard they are pretty similar to the modified V Jon boats when it comes to river fishing

    Ski Max, don't worry about that guy with the 275 h.p. you will catch him one of these days when he hits a sumerged rock pile going 60 mph and causes more damage to his lower unit than most of our boats are worth!
  8. CJ21

    CJ21 New Member

    Montgomery, Alabama
    I think jon boat is better suited for catfishing. really all u need a boat and a motor lol: :smile2:
  9. rcneman

    rcneman New Member

    I fish out of a 17' tracker and do not have any real complaints.

    I like the front deck for throwing the cast net and workin a jig or crankbait for any species. It works great for catfishin..other than when i'm in it by myself...when i'm solo cattin the rear of the bit is a bit low in the water.
  10. Skipjack

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    LaGrange, Ky.
    I catfish out of a bass boat. The only modification that I have made was to install 15 flush mount rod holders. The carpet can be kept clean with a little effort. I use a floor mat to cut my bait on, and a rubber backed rug to put the big fish on. If it does get a little slimey, I just take it to the car wash and spray it out. Bass boats are fun if you like to go fast. Mine is 17.6 ft. with a 150 on it. But they are not really suited for big water catfishing. The biggest problems are rod and dip net storage. If I got a chance to do it again, I would get me one of those deep V or semi V welded aluminum boats like they sell over at BPS. Targa 185, double console with a walk through windshield for those cold, rainy days. Lots of room, and as big a motor as I could afford to put on it...:big_smile:
  11. drc3

    drc3 New Member

    Cleveland TN
    I fish out of an 18ft Bumble Bee bass boat (fiberglass) and couldn't be happier. As stated above... the larger casting decks on a bass boat are nice for throwing a net and it's easier to lift big cats over the side. I prefer bass boats because they are faster than jon boats (cover more water), handle rough water and usually have lots of storage space and multiple live wells.

    I also use the towel approach to keep things clean, but if blood or slime get on the carpet... no big deal, it washes out.
  12. FishBrew

    FishBrew New Member

    North Texas
    Like squirt said, just hose it out and let it dry. Or buy (they may give it to you) some cheap green plastic turf sections at a hardware/supply store, that plastic stuff you see on the floor of covered patios (basically astro turf), cut it top fit the bottom section of the boat (not the decks, it will blow off), tape it down a little or set your tackle boxes/bait box on it to hold it down while driving. Let the cats flop around on it, then take it out and just wash it off when you get back.
  13. blackhorse83

    blackhorse83 New Member

    I fish out of a 16' lowe when by my self, if in a tourny, or if the wife goes we take our 17" Cajun with a 150 merc. I just clean it up when we are done, it only take a little while no longer than the jon.
  14. luke1wcu

    luke1wcu New Member

    North Carolina
    hey all,
    just wanted to say thanks for all the insight.
    I am now leaning more toward a large 17'-18' jon boat.
    this will leave more for me to add and customize according to my own taste.
    once I am finished, it should look like a basscat boat...if that makes any sense. You never know though, when I go to the show I may decide on a bass boat after all...we'll see. I will post pictures if it all works out. wish me luck, I've been dreaming about this for years.
  15. kacal

    kacal New Member

    i have a 18' Pro hawk 180 by Fisher with a 90 mercury/two stroke and a motorguide 60lb of thrust it is a 3 year old boat came with a lowrance X97 fishfinder and a humminbird XP2000 on the trolling motor, 35-Gallon Aft Aerated Livewell, Divided and Recirculated w/ Pump Out System i have 7 rod holder on it have been in the lake with 5 foot white caps and it did well only complant i have is still not enough room me and my son fish when we can and i have it all rig-up for nite fishing .......................

    OH next BOAT will be a CATTOON about 24' with to much room :cool2:
  16. bobcat

    bobcat New Member

    Had a Stratos 19-4 w/200 on it. Got tired of throwing money in a hole in the water. Got a 198 SV Carolina Skiff w/4 stroker:happy: Now can fish anywhere on the lake on a few gallons instead of 50 gallons and a more comfortable and drier ride:big_smile_2: Been happier eversince.
  17. GMC FishHauler

    GMC FishHauler New Member

    Waco, Texas, Un
    i have 17ft bass tracker alum. bass boat that i catfish out of. it is great for me. If it gets dirty, slimy, or bloody i just take it to car wash and wash it out the next day.
  18. cumberlandcat

    cumberlandcat Active Member

    I have a boat that cannot be hurt . I bought an 18ft tracker jon boat last summer with all the goodies but no carpet or vinyl. It is so easy to matain and clean . I can cover it in blood and mud and just spary it out. I can't have pretty, I would just ruin it. So if you don't like waxing your boat and worrying about bloody skip jacks touching your floor go with a big jon boat. It have served all my needs and lmore so far.
  19. EricM

    EricM Active Member

    Harrison TN
    Eric Maurer
    I use a 17'6" bass boat all of the time to fish for Tennessee River blue cats. I finally started putting old, used carpeting down in the bottom because that's where I put the netted fish, and it gets slimy and stinky. Every once in a while (when my wife starts to complain about how the garage smells) I just roll up and pitch the old carpet and cut another piece to fit. Of course, some kind of cutting board is necessary to keep the bait entrails under control. Just dip it in the river when you're done. These things sure work better than constantly washing down your boat. Good fishing!
  20. WylieCat

    WylieCat Well-Known Member

    The very first tournament I fished, before I had my center console, I recruited a guy that had a bass boat. It was not that bad. It anchored up real well, and man did we get where we needed to go fast!!

    Here is what I found:

    1) Not much room to move around with more than one person
    2) Not so easy access to rods at back of boat when drifting or trolling
    3) Too many modifications to add rod holders
    4) Lack of ease in cleaning

    1) You get places fast
    2) Work well in shallow water
    3) Low sides make landing fish easy
    4) Easy to trailer

    Honestly, I think you can make one work. If you dedicate it to catfishing and are willing to make some upgrades I think they will work fine.