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    To assist the reader in learning how to tie different knots, I will offer herewith the name of the knot with a link to an illustration or video depicting the process.

    Albright knot>

    Arbor knot>

    Blood knot>

    Dropper loop knot>

    Improved clinch knot>

    Nail knot>

    Palomar knot>

    Perfection knot>

    Rapala knot>

    Snell knot>

    Doublesurgeon's knot>

    Trilene knot>

    Uni knot>

    The most common knot used by catfish persons is the snell and the palomar. Other resources can be found at You should retie your hook knots before each fishing trip. The knot gets damaged by the fish that you catch, transporting your gear and storing your gear. It is always better to be prepared than to experience failure.
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