Basic Catfishing Rigs

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    Original post made by William Sipes(Riverrat) on April 21, 2002

    Some of the new members have been asking how to rig up for catfishing. Here are a few of the rigs I use with some good results. I have used them all but #6. I saw it in the recent Catfish Insider and think it is worth including. These are hand drawn and I am no artist. I hope they turn out legible.
    1) Bottom rig with a snagless river sinker
    2) 3 way swivel with a short dropper with splitshot crimped on. If the weights snag, pulling on the line allows the sinkers to slide off the end of the dropper allowing you to get the rest of your rig back
    3) 3 way swivel with a bass casting sinker tied to bottom of dropper.
    4)For heavy current, river sinker on leader. The closer the weight is to the hook, the less spinning occurs to the bait.
    5) 2 hook rig with sliding bass casting weight
    6) 3 way swivel with short dropper with bass casting sinker tied to bottom. A splitshot is crimped on the opposite end of the dropper just above where line goes through the swivel eye. If the weight is snagged, pulling on the line allows it to slide through the splitshot, dropping off and freeing the weights so you can get the rest of your rig back.
    When using splitshot on these rigs, crimp them on just tight enough to stay on while casting. you want the line to be able to slide through them under pressure.