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  1. bigfisher17

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    hey guys this weekend i will be heading up to bartlett flats this weekend with my grandfather and was wondering should i fish for flatheads in deep or shallow water? and should i head up stream near ship rock or right near the flats any questions answered would be much appreciated

  2. bluehunter

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    Try both. Also a good rule of thumb is wherever the bait is the flats will be as well. My best flatheads have been in shallow water from 5-7 feet. But it really depends on the water temp that dictates if you should go shallow or deep. Water is still in the warming up process now so I would look for underwater stumps, rocks, and trees for the most part because flatheads fore- most love structure and venture around and see where they are at from 10-25 feet of water perhaps.

  3. AZflats

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    Fish the west side of ship rock.. That is where I wish I went last weekend.. I did good further up the river also, but ship rock is a good spot right now.. Cast your bait just in front of the rock pile. There is a lot of blue gill there right now, so I know the flats are there too..

    Good luck!