Bartlett Lake

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    MUDCAT Guest

    Any one out there fishing Bartlett since the fire? I plan on a trip in
    mid September after the Dove shooting is over. The fishing report
    on the Arizona Game & Fish Web just says the same old thing week
    after week. We might have a UFO encounter before that guy tells
    us anything usefull about the lake.
  2. willisjj

    willisjj Guest

    Lol, I agree with you. I thought that was a "weekly" fishing report. Seems like the only thing I have seen change lately are the trout reports for those White Mountain lakes. I trout fish too, but I ain't got the money to be going up there every month. I suppose he stays busy running around trying to fish all these AZ lakes and write up these reports ever week, but you would think he could at least change em a little every now and then. That must be a terrible job he has, lol.

  3. Sean

    Sean Guest

    I'm game, hit me up any wed thurs or friday night, also every other saturday. I'm fairly new to flathead fishing, but I have my heart set on hooking a monster. It's like a drug, all I can think about is fishing. :glare: