Bartlett Carp

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  1. HugeEuge57

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    So I took some of the advice that I got no this page and went after carp in Bartlett. I hooked up with corn and chummed, without a single bite in 5 hours.

    However, I tried an old recipe mixing dough and strawberry jello....and i had a number of bites but only one hook-up...a little guy at about 3 pounds.

    I'm determined to catch one over 20, and I'm not quitting until I do.
  2. tdpasser

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    Gilbert AZ
    If you can cross the lake at the launch and do the corn trick and you will be very successful. The dough I'm sure is a good bait but corn put out good sent and it easier. Remember light rigs like fishing for bluegils. Quality corn is another thing some cans are crap meaning dry and mealy corn, I buy my corn at Albertsons they carry S&W Corn very plump juicy corn. Green Giant is okay but try to get the S & W it's gold. Fish water that has some depth next to shore so a soft toss chumming and casting hits the hole.

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    Try the super sweet corn.. Use a small treble hook with a kernel on each hook.. Use a slip rig right on the bottom... Carp fishing is slow when it is cold, but it will heat up.. Most times when it is cold, the carp bite very lightly. So keep a finger on the line..

    good luck.
  4. PolishNorbi

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    Was down there at Needle Rock Friday morning. From 5am-7am, nothing. From 7am-9am I caught a 1-1.5lb desert sucker on chicken liver. From 9am-11am, I caught two 2lb carp.

    I was using everything I had to get the carp. I had homemade boilies, no go. Regular dough, no go. Corn, nothing. Strawberry pop and quick oats for me produced the most bites.

    The bites were spaced out about 25-30minutes. They were light little nibbles. If I went to set hook right away, they were gone. If I went away from the rod, left it alone the carp was hooking itself.

    Overall, very very slow. Going to try the Salt River next week.
  5. topjimmy

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    I have tried all kinds of doughbait recipies. At Bartlett at least, nothing works better than corn. My biggest carp was 12 lbs.