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got to bart about 4:30 went found azhunter and his crew. anchored up 1/4 mile up from the big rocks caught afew more gills as we were waiting for the runs to start . around 930 heard clyde strongly encourage his grand son to grab his rod . everthing was perfect, fish jumping 1st run about 10:15 11:00 caught my 1st 10 pounder of the year. shortly after my son hooked up then snagged up, then nothing but turtles eating our gills. moved about 5am out into the channel then hooked up and didnt feel very big till it saw the net then turned and that ended that good fish, look to be about 3 ft long broken hearted but I'll get him next time
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I left he boat launch about 4:00 was hoping to get there sooner,but I think everyone knows how it goes sometimes.My grandson was using my old coffee grinder.I heard a noise when I look over and saw it was bended over My son got it out of the pole holder made sure the hook was set and handed it to his son.After a few seconds It broke free of the hook.We decided to stay and try again another night.I got my first flat for this year, just a little over 13 pounds at 12:21 pm just before the moon came out. Another fisherman weigh it for me I thought it was bigger and weigh it again he was right lol. By the way we stole shortpole spot tied to same tree lol he was not using it and he got a real nice one there!.(thanks to shortpole for tips about were the brush and the hole was at) Said high to flathead40 and his wife as we were leaving.Yes I showed it lol
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I know I was just joking lol Maybe next time one of us will get a monster,never give up trying
hope your there when i get that big son of a biatch
That's something that I would love to see,you never know maybe next time
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