Barkley lake report, sort of...

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    Cadiz, KY
    I finaly got a chance to head to the lake today with new friend and BOC member ae_ted.He was wanting to try out his new jugs and I was wanting to do a little drift fishing.The lake was whitecapping with wind gusts in the 20 mph range so couldn't try out the drift rigs.We put in at the state dock at the barkley lake lodge.Started out slow and bad, ran out of lighter fluid in my zippo.Put the jugs out near the front of goat island then went back to the marina to buy a bic.Well the marina was closed with a sign saying because of the flu.:angry:So walked to my truck because I had matches in the glove box , well I used to as they were gone.I left my cigs in the boat so I couldn't use my truck lighter but wait I remembered I still had the one cig in my jacket pocket I tried to light three hours ago.Ah NICOTINE :big_smile: well went back to the jugs the wind had sent mine to the far side of the bank as I had mine rigged shallow and only a split shot for weight.Also it is worth mentioning here that the two power plugs in your boat even though they look like a cig lighter socket will not work with your trucks lighter.:angry:Caught a couple of cats at that spot then moved to the side of goat island and re rigged and set out.We finaly caught lucky thirteen all eaters nothing bigger than six pounds a good mixture of mostly blues with some nice channels thrown in.Caught them on raw shrimp and chicken hearts.All came from three to seven feet of water .It turned out to be a good day even though the wind was brutal ,saw my first bighead carp try and jump in my boat:angry: and no zippo.
    There is always a silver lining made a new friend , saw a mature bald eagle and even before the day was up I got to show ae_ted how goat island got its name as four of them came down to the shore to get a drink and browse.The livewell was full of three to four inch shad bones so looks like they are starting to feed up before the winter.Never saw any skips but the lake was whitecapping until we headed out around 3:30.Most of the action came between 11:00 and 2:00 p.m.Now I just need to remeber to stick a bic in my tacklebox or to add a real ciggarette lighter to my boats dash.:wink:In simple terms it was a great day to get away for a while and just relax and soak it all in , thanks Ted.
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    Dennis; Sounds like a typical trip for me, if I only have one or two minor things go wrong, it's a great trip is fish are caught. If I can get over this bum arm before cold weather I would like to make it down to Barkley to give them a shot. Been promising myself all summer that I was going to get down there and still, here I set. Fell on the boat ramp last Monday and banged my already bum shoulder up pretty good and I have decided to TRY to let it heal a little before going out again. What were you guys using for bait? Thanks for the report. whitriver