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    Just read on the internet a man in North Carolina was fishing with his granddaugter when she asked him to hold her Barbie rod and reel while she went to the bathroom. He got a bite and reeled in a 21lb. 1oz. Channel Cat which turns out to be the state record. He gave her the rod and reel for Christmas, and it had 6lb. test line on it, and is 30in. long, 2in. shorter than the fish. I think there should be a foot note in the record book on that one.
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    Agreed Don, but don't you think it sounds a little far-fetched? 21lb fish on 6lb line.....I know a lot of experienced catmen, but I don't know if they're THAT good or not. I'm not saying it's not true, because I was at Lake Greenwood State Park (SC) this past weekend and there were a couple of kids catching 4-5lb flatheads on "K-Mart special" Shrek rods on the north end of the lake where Rabun Creek empties. This is interesting.....I'm gonna go find that story too. LOL! Now you've peaked my interest! Thanks for the post, man.

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    that guy is all over the headlines,i take ashton fishing all the time,well when he started i used to get him the little poles,we were fishing ramsey lake,now my son waz like only 3,and when we fish together i let him do hiz own thing,or he gets he waz like dad this is a BIG DUDE,thats what we call our big catfish,he is over there pole bent drag zingging,i run over there and we fight this fish for like 20 mins,get him to the bank and he is only about 8 pounds,i thought he waz way bigger.if that was a 20 pound channel i think i would have lost him,maybe.
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    funnier things have happened but that fish must have swam straight to the dip net