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Banner creek rules??

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Someone help me, Im guessing I dont understand. Banner creek is free to fish. I recently picked up a flyer on the lake, and it says vehicles are $30/year and boats are $60/year. If you are fishing from a boat, do you have to pay $90/year to fish out of it on banner? and can you only use the ramp on the east end, not the northwest one? thanks to anyone who knows the rules up there better than I
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If so I been breaking the rules there....You sure that aint some old form you picked up.

Thats about what it use to cost before the state took it over...
I really dont know. I picked up this flyer at the STATE region 2 headquaters just this last wednesday. Like you, I thought it was all free, and I have not paid to fish there out of my boat, nor have I received any tickets, but then I havnt fished there but 6 times or so. Like I said(Tjones said) I get checked by the GW a lot, and swung in there to get more information. There is no date on the flyer.
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