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bankfishing with attitude

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We went on a small er, bank fishing trip."Flip-flop" had a hard time doing any climbing. Of course he does have a new girlfriend,sorta. She's nothing but a head but, makes good bait.IE "sleepin with the fishes"
these show the Trek down and yours truely as the "packmule"
But it was still fun to be out fishing with fellow brothers anyway.


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To continue;
It wasn't very comfortable but we made it anyway.
Some got some sleep some got more.(she snores.Just don't rat me out please) :D


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How come that young punk isn't carrying the cooler? :p
i wore flip flops going up and down all that and now you know the reast of the
Man oh man.... Its 65 degrees today. 40 for a low last night.

I could not get away with flipppies this time of year.

Kieth, you make a considerably more happier looking pack mule than the one I used while hunting in Idaho- that one had a 3 foot long face on it... and his name was "handsome". Handsome nearly killed the governor of Idaho with a boot to the chest, 3 months before I used him to hoist my mule deer out of the sagebrush. I know he sized me up a few times but I got lucky.

Why does Mark look like someone just took his twinkies away. Every time I see his pic he looks p'd off! He and Vic gotta get together and form the "scowl squad" for the BOC. They will be the official debt collectors. "pay us or we will insanely glare that smile right off your face!" I know Vic is far from the darth-vader style character his pic hints at... what about mark... Did he smile at all that trip? Is it possible?


Great pics guys. Thanks for sharing. :D

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Looks like ya'll had a good time. Nice to see there are still a few places you can get to the river with out any trouble.......LOL
looks like ya'll had fun and worked for it. LOL.

I think Mark is smiling behind the bushes as he is watching the mule pack in the ice chest. Must be beer in that chest. LOL :D

Mark, did Keith tie your shoe laces together while your sitting in that chair. :0a1:

Sal, its bout 95 here today. Might get down to 88 tonight with the fan blowing. LOL. :sad:
Hey dano thats me smiling behind the packmule.Mark did smile one time we had to get a good amount of beer in him
Looks fun, when can I come that way and go out. lol
OOPS, I didn't know that was you. LOL. why didn't you give the mule a hand. LOL. If Mark smiled, he was probably passing gas. That was an expression of relief.. LOL

Marks a good man, even though he didn't catch a fish. LOL. ;)
Something else I wanted to say. When I was a kid and fished the rivers a lot. We would get on some of those high banks, like ya'll was walking down. we would find one not so rocky and had like a trail on it from people are animal. Get plenty wet and everybody start sliding down it into the river. After a while we had a good mud slide down to the water.
it became a regular thing for us kids. Was a lot of fun. Now and then a rock are root would wear through and hurt. LOL. A little work on it and back to the fun. The good O days like that are gone for me but it sure was fun at the time.

O and Keith, Thanks for shareing that fishing trip and pic's. :thumbsup:
Those pictures dont do it justice at all. Some things can not be captured on film.
That one hill that looks like grass is crushed and slick vines.
The elevation change on that hill is about 20 feet and 45 degrees.

Me smile? I'm too serious for all that.
I'd rather someone not be sure if I was buying them lunch out of kindness and friendship or as a last meal.

You tend to get less bull#$% and more answers. ;)
LMAO Mark. I hear ya. That is what I was thinking. Your all right. Just need a little adjustment on politics. LOL. I would pull up an ice chest with ya anytime. We could take turns bumping each others pole to see who said, FISH ON !
Hey tammy found a fish the same size as her :cool: LOL
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