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    any body ever do any good bank fishing. i live in hannibal. not really sure what to look for if fishing off the bank.
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    William, Welcome to the BOC. I don't fish in your area, but I'm sure someone will be along soon to help you out.

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    Hey William, welcome to the BOC. I never fished up there but fishin is fishin. Only advise i could give is walk the bank till ya find something that looks to suit ya. Myself i like fishin a bluff if you can find a way down to the water. Good luck:cool2:
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    Independence, M
    Welcome to the BOC:big_smile:
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    William, I have not fished in your area but I will offer some generic advice that could apply to most fishing area's. Look for some kind of change in the flow of the water ,caused by downed tree's, large rocks,bends in the river,shallows and deep area's. Sometimes the best way to find a fishable spot is to watch and learn. find someone that is catching fish where you want to fish and study the surrounding area and the water to begin to learn how to read the water. Most people will share a bit of info. during a casual conversation.
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    Fishing off the bank can be very good. All the years of fishing from a boat I had to learn how to change my stratagy a little bit since I am bank fishing now. Get to know you area and look at different spots first. Then make the desicion of what may look best for you to start out with. Talk to other bank fisherman and though they won't spill all the beans. Take little clues from them to help you. Your first shots you may not do so well, but keep making mental notes about anything and everything and eventually, you will work out a system that will work for you. Most generally I always do best with some structure around with shallow water near deeper water. I mostly wind up fishing shallow in ten feet of water or less in some kind of flat that is close to deep water in the main channel or a deeper channel in a cove. I always go with at-least two different baits. I most generally go with three poles and always cast one in deeper water. If there is a ledge of a point from deeper water to shallow one rod goes there and the other one goes fairly close to shore. No matter what it's going to be a waiting game so what pole does better I move the others in that same type of area. Also the better bait is also what I switch to as well.

    I hope that helps more than it confuses you. I mostly fish lakes than rivers by bank. However, I use generally those same things when it comes to rivers, but instead I go riffles, holes and runs. You just have to get out there, soak in as much info as you can and then make your best edjucated guess on the spot you want to spend on the bank at.
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    welcome to the boc:cool2:
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    Welcome to the BOC!!
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